Wedding entertainment

Please could you give me some ideas for wedding entertainment. Im told from the venu a band isnt allowed but a solo artist is.


Does anyone have ideas for an accoustic solo artist. Maybe a saxophone? What have other brides gone for? Does anyone have any recomendations of a wedding singer?


  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    I went to a wedding recently where they had a DJ and a sax and the sax played some of the tune over the DJ, like the iconic bits of each song that you recognise. Hopefully that makes sense cos I'm not explaining it very well! It was awwwwwwwesome though. 

  • Hi, this is the Helen,  are you saying that the saxophonist played the solos from the tunes spun by the DJ,  For example, The best, (tina Turner), some 80's classics such as Careless whisper,  Baker Street, Who can it be now, Echo beach etc or more modern tunes.  If that is the case, I can see why you throught it so good and would work with this ladies venue restrictions.

  • Thats a really good idea. I might look into a saxophonist for the Swansea area. Thanks both love the idea of the 80's classics too.

    Does anyone have any details of a sax player in the swansea area?x

  • Hi guys, we do fantastic singing waiters and pretty much anything you can think of, visit our website or call us 07720954558 to discuss 

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