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I've got the chair bows, table runners, etc for my wedding and would like to browse for a few bits to finish the decoration, but I hate shopping online for things like this as I want to see them first and I'm not sure exactly what I want, so these online websites are full of so many things they're a bit overwhelming. 

Does anyone know of any shops in South Wales that have bits of decorations like the mirrored trays or confetti for the table etc? I've tried hobbycraft (useless!) And a couple of greetings card shops but haven't had much luck! 


  • RachaelpRachaelp Posts: 63

    Another bride on here reccommended AFS in Taffswell. I went and bought a few bits for my table and they had some lovely things in! They have a website and sell through that and in person. It's a warehouse type place and you can pick things up fairly cheaply. I had some gorgeous lanterns and tea light holders. I plan to go back again!


  • RachaelpRachaelp Posts: 63


    Here is the site but they were really helpful in person too when we went

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    I love AFS! I've spent a small fortune in that store! 

    There's also a place in Brecon called Cloud 9 Events but I would seriously recommend AFS first. 

  • Salimali2Salimali2 Posts: 44

    Yes, AFS is great. If you're in Cardiff, Whittingtons on Bessemer Road is also worth a look.

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