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I am looking to book a student photographer for the whole day and night of my wedding in Cardiff in April. I am not sure how to go about organising this, and any help or direction would be gratefully received.



  • Hi Hannah, 

    By "student photographer" do you mean someone who is currently studying photography, or just someone willing to do it for free? Obviously there is a considerable difference.  

    Finding someone who studies photography - just contact one of the local colleges and ask them if anyone would be interested.

    Finding someone willing to do it for free will be significantly harder (for good reason).  Obviously we all have to start here (and I myself got one of my first paid and unpaid weddings through this forum) so you may have some joy with someone on here looking for someone like you.  Otherwise I would maybe look at places like gumtree or local Facebook wedding groups where newbies can offer their services without having to pay for it.

    Just make sure it's not a decision you'll regret x

  • Thank you for your help Laura Grace.

    Sorry I should've specified that I would be paying, and would definitely want someone who is studying photography and was able to edit the photographs etc. I think maybe my next step is to gain some contact information for the local universities and then go from there. If anyone has any they could share with me that would be amazing. 

    Thanks again,


  • Hey Hannah,

    I hope you are well! We are a wedding photography duo based in London. We have just started our own business and are so excited to build and grow our portfolio, we would love to photograph your wedding!

    As a new business, we have an AMAZING introductory offer for all bookings made this year, for 2018 and beyond :)

    We have a car and could travel to you in Wales. Please do feel free to check out our Instagram page at

    If you like our style we would love to send over some examples of our work. Please do feel free to email us at [email protected] if you would like to see our portfolio :)

    Have a lovely day,

    Lauren and Sam xx

  • Hi Hannah, sorry just realised I didn't reply to your comment.  Just curious as to why it is you particularly want someone who is studying photography?  That doesn't always make them a better photographer, especially when it comes to weddings as this is rarely their speciality.  If it's because you think they may be cheaper as they are a student, then again see my comments above.  Go to some wedding fayres and speak to some photographers so you can get a feel for what you are looking for - it is so important that you can connect with them and trust them to document your day (it is so much more than just taking pictures - I usually end up co-ordinating a lot of the day, even when there is a dedicated planner).  

    If hiring a student is definitely what you want to do then I would suggest contacting the universities (Cardiff and Uni of South Wales will be your closest).  You'll be able to find their contact details on their website.  Some photography studios take on students and have them as an apprentice while they are training so it could be worth speaking to some of these as well? Obviously Venture is one of the bigger companies and they do have a branch in Cardiff.  

  • Hi Hannah

    I'm a wedding photographer based in South Wales and this is my first full year of business so my prices are affordable - £700 for full day (bride prep until after the first dance). I do have some availability left for April.

    If you take a look around my website you'll notice that there are no staged photographs throughout my work - they're all completely natural, candid, unposed. You can find my website here:

    Please feel free to get in touch to discuss :)

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