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Any March 2021 Brides?

Hello ladies
Anyone else booked for March 2021 - I want to start planning but don't know what to do at the moment regarding lockdown.


  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 216 New bride
    We're now February 2021 after having had to postpone. What have you done so far? x
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 364 New bride
    I'm March 2021! Been engaged since Dec 2018 so we've planned most things now.. How are your plans coming along? x
  • Well we've booked the venue, registrar and florist so far but since then not sure if I should continue planning until we know what's happening with lockdown! How about you ladies?
  • Northern_brideNorthern_bride Posts: 218 New bride
    We're June 2021 and we've booked the venue and photographer and bought a few little bits. My planning has definitely slowed down a lot since the lockdown, it just feels like everything is on hold!
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 364 New bride
    I would say it's fine to continue planning things that aren't date dependent for sure (e.g. suits, think about decor etc) but for more date dependent things to be a little more cautious. Although if you're happy to, I wouldn't be too afraid to reach out to photographers etc, as you don't want to miss out on availability, and just make sure you have in writing/in your contract that they'll move your deposit and full fee to a new date if anything does change closer to the time? Some may not be happy to but it doesn't hurt to start the conversations!
    We've got most big things booked (venue, registrar, photographer, videographer, DJ) and are now ordering some suits etc to have a look. Invitation design is ready (just need to print) and we're aiming to send them out in August time!
  • Pixie2021Pixie2021 Posts: 34 New bride
    We are July 2021 and have the venue, florist, mua and hairdresser, photographer, caterer and band booked 🙈 it was such a busy weekend that when we first started planning so many people said they were already booked so we just got on and booked all the big things. I think March isn't quite as busy a time for suppliers so I'd imagine it isn't too much of a race for the not astronomical priced suppliers! 

    I sent out our save the dates a couple of weeks ago. Even though it is so early, with everyone rescheduling their 2020 weddings to next year I just wanted our date to be official and in people's diaries. We are also getting married the same weekend as a festival which takes up all the accomodation on the area so we want everyone to be prepared. 

    I'd say just go for it. Although we have no idea what will happen next year, all my recipients of the save the dates said how much they loved getting them when everything has been so miserable recently and it is a good and happy thing to look forward to. Receiving happy post when we are all in lockdown is lovely. Xx
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