I just did a test........

And either ive tested too early or im not pregnant.

Im feeling ok about it, still thinking positive that I may get my BFP, but for now, im not pregnant.



  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405
    Sorry to hear that, if you're not due until Sun/Mon it might just be too early. It says only something like 50% get their positive 4 days early so its not over yet! Test again on Sat (or Sun if you can hold out that long!). How are your symptoms? I still don't have any at all x
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    I know, im trying to stay positive, I just couldnt resist a test!

    Was dreaming all night that I saw the 2 blue lines!

    I still feel the same, still got belly ache and needing to wee alot so will just see what happens.

    I have plenty more tests so will try again at the weekend.

    Ive still got my fingers crossed for you. I may have a few symptoms, but i still dont have a BFP! Keep thinking positive thoughts.

  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Ah Mrsd! Maybe next month hey! Keep your chin up and Im sure your BFP will come next month!

  • fayeperminfayepermin Posts: 137
    oh shame, you could still be pregnant when I tested 4 days before my period it came up negative but when I tested 5 days later it came up positive!!! if you haven't come on try again just after the day you are due on.
  • clareshaunclareshaun Posts: 699
    i tested a week early and it was negative then i tested the day after my period was due and it was positive, still hope yet hun.

  • MrsCarroll2beMrsCarroll2be Posts: 353
    Mrs D to be- I hope im not to blame for you testing early? I did test a week before i was due but i guess im just lucky it showed up!

    I hope you dont feel too down about it as like the others have said you could do another test at the weekend and it be positive! So smile and keep your chin up! Crossing my fingers you can announce a pregnancy soon!!!

    Tanya xx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Thank for all your lovely words ladies!

    No Tanya, you didnt pressure me to do the test, I was just being impatient!

    But actually I think it has calmed me down a bit, I was a bit nervous about being pregnant for my wedding next week, so this means I can use my honeymoon to TTC!!! I will be ovulating around the time we are away.

    If anything changes, I will let you know.

  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Well I dont know if I should read to much into this, but this morning im feeling really sick this morning.

    My stomach pains have also got worse.

    At the same time, this could mean AF comming to town and I might have a bit of a bug!

  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405

    Why is it all so confusing! I had the tiniest tiniest bit of spotting this morning but AF not due for days. Had some odd pains too but have just convinced myself we haven't done it this month so I'm not too disappointed. Are you waiting until the weekend to test again Mrs D? x
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Tell me about it!

    Im convincing myself I feel sick out of nerves!

    I dont know what to do about a test, think I will test again on saturday as were off to a wedding, so dont want to have anything to drink if i am!

    Do you think you will hold out until AF is due?

    If im definatly not, then I think I will just jump on h2b every day this month, just to make sure we dont miss the window of opportunity!

    Im sure he wont mind!!!

  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405
    If you test on Sat you should get an accurate result if AF is due on Sun! I'm testing then too as its the day H2B goes away but it'll be 3 days early. I am not holding out much hope but we have both decided if I'm not we will look forward to our honeymoon and then try again in the new year. x

    ps I'm pretty sure yours wont mind you jumping on him either!
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    well be sure to come on here and let me know what result you get!

    I almost wish you get a BFP more than me! Atelast I have my h2b at home with me and able to try over and over!

    Good luck xxxxx
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405
    Thats really sweet, thanks! I am still hoping we both get our BFP's this weekend in time for a Spring baby x
  • kat1982ukkat1982uk Posts: 197
    I'll be keeping my fingers - and toes crossed for you both!! xx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    I swear my body is trying to taunt me today - I feel reallllly sick!
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405
    Saturday seems like ages away. You could try testing again if you have a spare test?

    I think the only reason I havent already is that I need to go out and buy some!

    Just went to the loo and my cm is tinged pink so either its implantation (10dpo so its possible!) or AF coming 5 days early image H2B was supposed to have tomorrow off too but now has to work so I am feeling mightily fed up! x
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    oooohhhh, this sounds like a good sign!

    I got my pregnancy tests from ebay, if you seach for them, I cant remeber the name but there was loads on there from a fertility company, and its about 2.75 for 10 and the ship really quickly.

    I have loads spare, but kind of dont want to have to look at another negative one!

    your right, saturday does seem a long way away so dont be surprised if i post about another test tomorrow!!
  • ansqui22ansqui22 Posts: 163
    Hi guys,

    I am so hoping for you both that you are pregnant! I am also due on tomorrow and have had vague sypmtoms as i've discussed in another post. I convinced myself earlier in the week that I had an implantation bleed and am having the most horrific mood swings which just isn't me! Having said this, no nausea and i've only just ot slightly tender boobs today which I guess could just be pre-menstural pain. Who knows..... In my head I now think i've been kidding myself but I have bought 2 tests just in case! I guess i'll see tommorow if AF coms to stay!

    Good luck everone, i'm crossing everything for us all xxx
  • kelleytobekelleytobe Posts: 405
    Welcome ansqui, hopefully it will be a very happy weekend for all of us! x
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    ooooooh, another one of us hoping for this weekend!

    Im feeling really sick now, but just had some shocking news that I know is going to make h2b really mad andim dreading having to tell him. Thankfully its nothing ive done, but its still crap.

  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    I'm so excited for you ladies, I keep checking in to see if you have any news yet!!!! roll on the weekend image
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    May I join all you ladies??

  • ansqui22ansqui22 Posts: 163
    Of course! Are you waiting for news? xxx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Morning all

    I dont know what to make of today.

    Last night I felt so sick I couldnt finish my dinner - and I love my food so this was a shock and a disappointment!!

    But today I have nothing - no sickness, no stomach cramps, nothing!

    Im still gonna test tomorrow, but my hopes are starting to drop.

  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Oh yes....

    waiting in anticipation with all fingers and toes crossed.

    Not due til 27th but hopeful.

    I'm crossing everythin for all you ladies too!! ;\)
  • bextailsbextails Posts: 51
    I didn't get a positive test (even at the doctors) untill i was 6 weeks pregnant if that helps xxxxxxxxx
  • karen-louisekaren-louise Posts: 1,586
    Can I join as well i am on my 2 ww which is killing me i have become this crazy baby lady!!!

    I have had some sign but nothing i think is really preg signs :-9 lets all list the ones we have had? See if we have the same ones?

    k xx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Im at a loss now as to what is and isnt pregnant signs!

    Ive had pretty bad cramps, feeling sick, dizzy spells, bad headaches, need to sleep more and actually getting a better night sleep, pains that I would describe as my overies and lots of discharge (sorry if TMI)!!!

    But today, I just have really mild cramps and the need to eats - lots!
  • karen-louisekaren-louise Posts: 1,586
    I don't have a lot of signs i am only 7dpo but here are mine.

    Sharp pains in my boob - only lasted one day

    Lower back pain

    Not having good night sleeps

    Running and stuffy nose - been told this is a sign

    Thick white CM and it's a little yellow as well but told this is also a sign.

    Last night only very big blue veins running through my boobs though they are still there just not a much.

    Thats it really? No sickness no feeling tired and I am always hungry?

    k xx
  • lisagreenerlisagreener Posts: 213
    Can I join you ladies? I'm also in 2WW limbo and it's driving me crazy! I have a baby girl who just turned a year and I tested a week after my AF was due so never had to wait. I'm also getting married on the 31st May, so we got a bit excited and tried this month.

    I'm due on Thurs.........I presume it's not worth testing early?
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