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New Job but want new baby!!!

Hi All,

I have been made redundant from my current job but start a new job on 30th June. I got married this year on 15th March and the plan was to try for a baby but with the redundnacy we put it on hold.

Have done some research and it states that I am entitled to statutory maternity pay if I am "employed by my employer into the qualifying week which is teh 15th week before your baby is due"

Sorry for being so thick but what exactly does this mean? In short, if I start a new job on 30th June, when is it safe to start trying for a baby so that I qualify for statutory pay?

Thanks all, Sinead xx


  • I'm not exactly sure what the requirements of your job are, it is different amongst employers, but as far as I have understood, I think normally they calculate it from when you are due (so for me, I need to have been employed for a year at due date to get my company maternity benefit, which means just three months after starting I could start trying). I think that for statutory, you normally don't have to be employed for very long at all (i.e. you can't take the job and go off the next day, but I think you may actually get it if you are only just pregnant). BUT I'm not totally sure, so it might be worth calling the citizens advice bureau or something, just to make 100% sure!!

    Congratulations on the job and marriage too image
  • kez54lovekez54love Posts: 104
    i'm sure its, if your have your baby before you've meet the requirements (usually a year) you get a rubbish maternity pay rather than a company pay which is full pay untill 6 or 9 months. So money wise, your better to wait untill you've been there a few months to get full pay and you won't worry so much whilst your having the little one!
  • I have worked for my employer for 7 years almost, they do not have there own maternity scheme so I only get SMP.

    Some companies have there own Maternity Pay Schemes which can mean better pay check in your contract of employment, being a ???????employee??????? means you qualify for statutory maternity pay and leave, this will either be paid by your employer or local job centre you can get more information on direct gov uk website

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