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Does anybody know???? (Benefits)


just wondered if anyone had any experience of claiming additional benefits whilst pregnant/on maternity leave?

I am getting really worried about it as when I start my Maternity leave I will be on the basic £118(?) per week and there is no way we can afford to live on that along with H2B's wage.

We rent privately and his basic would only just cover the rent, nothing else. We already have his 2 children living with us and I am really worried we wont cope.

Obviously child tax credits etc will change (I hope) but can anyone think of any other benefits we can claim whilst I am on Maternity and how soon I can start the ball rolling (baby due in Oct) and I guess where is the best place to start!

thanks for your help!

Rach xx


  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    hi, i dont work at the mo (i quit just before i found out i was pg) but i dont get anything benefit wise. basically because h2b works over a certain amount of hours a week. i cant get anything other than tax credits and child benefit, so i have about £60 a week. but have a look on the job centre plus website it says everything there. your cirumstances may be different to mine so i cant say what you can and cant get. x
  • hannat88123hannat88123 Posts: 941
    The best thing to do would be to go in or call your local jobcentre and ask them. If you are getting maternity leave and your h2bs wages only just cover the rent you could apply for housing benefit. I may help ease the pressurse until you go back to work/have the baby etc. They may not pay alot of it i dont know but based on my life. My h2b is disabled i am his carer. We live in a 2bed semi and the rent is £475. The council pay £330 of it. They pay it directly to us and then we have a SO to the letting agents for the full 475. They do tend to pay more if you have children and i think when you apply for it they automatically see if you are entited to any money off your council tax. Its only a few forms and the worst they can come back with is no. Good Luck
  • sherylF2bsherylF2b Posts: 655
    You could try aplying for housing benefit and council tax benefit, as you are enting privately I should bet your rent is high. You might be suprised at what help you could get. Even on income of £25k we would have been entitled to help if we rented privately!!

    This is a great calculator and is really helpful, use it and it will make sure you a re not missing anything you could be entitled to. Are you eligible for a maternity grant??!?!? I think thats gone up a lot, over £500 now I think!
  • kel0309kel0309 Posts: 228

    just wanted to added to the post above that everyone is entitled to the maternity grant unless you make over 25K, you have to go to the job centre and get a form then at 16 weeks ish you get your midwife to sign it and a few weeks later you get about £500.

    Maybe a trip to welfare rights? They could help you but I don't think you get anything else except the tax credits but you never know til you ask.

    Good luck with the baby xxx
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    You have from 11 weeks before your baby is due (so your 29th week of pregnancy) until the baby is 3 months old to claim the maternity grant and midwives arent supposed to sign the forms until you are at least 25 weeks pregnant.

    If you go on the Sure Start ebsite there is lots of info there on what you may be entitled to.
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