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Has Anyone Ordered a Pram from Two Left Feet???

Am absolutely raging; Silver Cross Travel system ordered from Two left Feet 5 weeks ago and still not arrived. Have emailed, no replies and when you phone you get the engaged tone all day. Anyone one elsepin this predicament?? Baby gonna arrive with nothing to put it in, could weep buckets as I've only weeks to go. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!image


  • 7banana77banana7 Posts: 675
    That's awful! Have you tried emailing them?

    Only thing I could possibly suggest, and if you have time to do - if you ordered by credit card, can you cancel your order (by letter or email) & get your credit card company to credit your a/c & claim it back off the company? Then get the system elsewhere?
  • Thanks 7banana7- my wee fingers are worn out typing and I sat at work repeatedly with phone on permanent redial, even boss didn't mind cause she think its awful. Time for a call to credit card company. Boss sent me home yesterday cause I was having problems breathing, baby is beginning to turn plus the stress of all this not helping. thanks again
  • 7banana77banana7 Posts: 675
    I hope your credit company can help & you get it sorted out. Take care.
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    I ordered a car seat and a changing bag from them when I was expecting my daughter, both of which were listed as being in stock, I must have waited about 4 weeks for delivery with nothing to show for it, despite the money being taken out of my account. When I managed to speak to them on the phone they said they did not deal with enquiries of that nature over the phone and I would have to email them, which I did. It took 3 emails before I got a response, which was that the items were not in stock, I then sent them a further email requesting a full refund in view of the fact that I was not happy to deal with a company which basically advertised items they did not have.

    They duly promised me a refund which never appeared, after emailing them again following a 2 week wait they told me the refund could take up to 30 days.

    Once I threatened them with Trading Standards I recieved my cheque by return of post! I would not recommend them to anyone.
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487

    I think this is the company that i ordered a pram from for my sister, will check my emails in a mo.

    A good few weeks did go by without hearing anything but had no problems with them and it all arrived within the delivery time specified. Lucky we ordered it in plenty of time, cant believe they have given such bad service.
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    Have just checked and yes we ordered the silver cross travel system 15th March. They were quite good as my sis realised she ordered the wrong colour and so got it changed no problem.

    It got dispatched a month later, so did take a while. I hope you get it sorted Bride101
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I had an awful time with them. Ordered my twins' stage 1 car seats from them at the end of May - by end of June we hadn't heard anything so gave them a call (they've been 'upgrading' their customer services stuff - hah, what a joke!) and they said they had emailed at the beginning of June (they hadn't) to say the colour we wanted was out of stock so we would need to choose another and they would refund 10% for the trouble. Wew emailed back straight away. A fortnight later (so 6 weeks after having our money) we still hadn't heard anything. Had to find new phone number, waited for 45 minutes whilst the phone was on hold, then got an answer and the lady put me on silent hold for 5 mins (no apology) whilst she went to find out... Apparently their order from the stockist hadn't arrived but she was positive it would be in on the Monday and we'd get a despatch email on the Tuesday/Wednesday. Then she put the phone down. Charming.

    Needless to say, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday passed and no despatch email. On Friday we ring again, same problem - long wait, etc - and promised that it would be Monday of following week. Thankfully the seats arrived the following Weds just before we were due to go on holiday in the car... However, we are still waiting for our 10% refund 'for the trouble'. I am never using Two Left Feet again. I had heard bad things about them before, but OH ordered them without me being there and I warned him as soon as he told me...
  • loopymogloopymog Posts: 696
    OMG have just been looking at their 'new and improved' website!! They are only about a 15 minute drive from where i live so i may go in and see if i can get what i want rather than use their online services!!! Disgraceful xxx
  • update I got my money back from them, in fact they refunded me twice but they did collect it. Took months to resolve and I ended up with another company and a different travel system. I think they have since been on watchdog.
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    They've now ceased trading! I'm still waiting for my 10% refund, which I know is never going to come, but at least I got my car seats, and in quite a short time (8 weeks) considering the wait others have had. But I did spend a total of 4 hours on the phone to them, most of that was spent on hold or waiting on the phoneline for them to answer - I think I only ever really spoke to someone for a total of 5 minutes!
  • no wonder they ceased they were a disgrace, good riddance to bad rubbish I say
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