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If you live in Scotland....

do you know what happens when you got to doc's after getting a positive result? Do you just get referred for first and only scan or do you get referred to midwife??


  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128

    I got referred to Midwife first for booking in appointment, she asked questions, worked out dates, general medical questions and a bit of a chat.

  • Thanks Sharon30! Wasn't sure what to expect!
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Ooooooh LB!!! Is there a little LB on the way?? xx
  • Hi Miss Annie. Yes there is a little LB on the way. God willing he or she will be joining us in November!! I'm a little freaked out but very happy.

    How is the beautiful Isidora??
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Oh wow!!! Huge congrats to you and hubbyimage

    Isidora is ok- recovering from a nasty chest infection at the mo. We spent last weekend in hospital with her which was a bit scary but thankfully shes starting to get better. Shes on a course of antibiotics and they seem to be working well...

    Other than that shes fine!! Getting bigger and bolder and more spoilt every day image

    We're having her Christened next weekend so looking forward to that

    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!! xx
  • Thank you. Glad she's on the mend. Hope the christening goes well xx
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    hey congrats legal!! was jsut having a nosey around and spotted this! All the best!
  • Stacey2017Stacey2017 Posts: 420
    Hi legalbeagle Congratulations image

    How far are you? Im 6+4 & feeling awfull since I was 4wks.

    I was at the docs nearly 2 wks ago & he said he would send a letter to the midwife/hospital etc to get things rolling but Ive not heard anything from any1 yet. I know they will prob b very busy. Im just excited about getting my scan :\). any Idea how long they take to get in contact?

    Hope u all have a happy 9 months

  • Thanks gymmonster... kind of still in shock!

    MrsPinder2B I am 5 weeks. I was at docs on tuesday. He was a bit useless to be honest! He just said he'd refer me for my booking in appointment which would be when I was about 10-13 weeks and I|'d met the midwife then and have a scan. I'll let you know when the date comes through but I'd give it another week and call.

    Congratulations xx
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