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scan confusion!

Just a little confused!

Been for our booking in appt but not sure what happens now in relation to our first scan?!

Was it supposed to be arranged during the booking in appt? Or do they contact you? Or do I need to arrange it?! Confused!!! Any advice would be apprciated!!:\?


  • hiya Mel

    my daughter has just had her first scan alot of doctors surgurys are diffrent my daughter got her dateing scan or first scan appointment through the post and u useualy have that at between 12-14 weeks how many weeks are you? some dr`s surgerys give you the number and then you book the scan yourself. hope all goes well for you.Im FIRST TIME nanny-to be so im so excited and seeing my granchild on the scan for the first time was so overwhelming and of course reasureing. just went to have a look round at hospitals today my daughter wants me there as well as her fiance. i cant wait to be honest.

  • when i went for my booking appointment i had to go over the road to where they organise the scans and book one in - but she told me to do that - i think they are all a bit different, so if u dont hear anything within a week or two, then call the midwife id say!
  • the hospital have always rung me after the midwife has put in the request to them. give it till friday if still nothing give your midwife a bell. i think it probably works differenlty for each hospital. x
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    Where I work they just send you the appointment for between the 12th and 14th week of your pregnancy. Just ring the hospital ante natal clinic and they will tell you what the procedure is.
  • my midwife booked all my scans,the appts were sent to through the post.1st scan is around 12 -14 weeks to make sure baby is in right place etc.second scan is around 20-22 weeks to check size etc.if you dont hear anything ring the midwife.
  • Hi, I do dating scans, the hospital where I work receives the request from the midwife after you have had booking appt and we send the appontment out to you in the post depending on how many weeks you are.

    We date pregnancies at any point from 8 weeks. 8- 14 is usually best, the earlier it is the more accurate the dating. However 12 weeks ish is a nice time for good pics!!

    We book your second scan between 20-21 weeks to check baby's anatomy and this is when you can usually find out the baby's sex if you want to know and your hospital provides that service.

    Happy to help with any more questions!! xx
  • Ooh Foz2B, I've got a question!! I bought one of those foetal dopplers and tried it out over the weekend. I could hear a strong, regular heartbeat but it was a bit on the slow side, 110-120bpm I reckon. Should I be worried? There's no way it could be my pulse down there could it?

    I know dopplers often cause more worry, but I've had 2 mc's and I was worried sick anyway image

    Whatever happens, I'll find out on Friday at my dating scan (will be 12+3)...

    Cxx 12+0
  • I'm sorry Cherrypicker, I don't know very much about them as I don't use them.

    Let me know how your scan goes, good luck xxx ;\)

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  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    Cherry thats completely fine, the normal rate for a baby's heartbeat in utero is anything between 110-160 beats per minute. If the baby is having a rest period and not very active at that particular time then the heart rate would reflect that and be on the slower side as opposed to it speeding up if baby is moving around lots.

    Personally I think those dopplers you can buy should be banned as they cause more anxiety than you could possibly imagine and you would be amazed at the amount of people who actually spend their pregnancy listening to their own heartbeat, thinking it is that of their baby!
  • Thanks for the reassurance eyedo. I knew having my own doppler would be a bit of a pandora's box!! I'm so ashamed of myself I haven't even shown it to my hubby...

    **scuttles into cupboard to use paranoia machine and rock maniacally until scan**

    Cxx 12+1
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