Am I getting too excited for no reason?

I am probably jinxing everything now but if I don't post something I will probably go and POAS and be disappointed anyway!!!

I am around 11 dpo and I had a really small amount of spotting yesterday. Sorry if this is TMI but it was a light pinky/brown colour. I have had even less today and am due AF in 3 days time. Normally when I get spotting it is much closer to AF and the day after the spotting starts I come on.

I don't have any other noticeable symptoms - maybe a bit queasy but I guess I could talk myself into that if I wanted.

Is this likely to be the wonderful implantation bleed that I keep reading about or am I being daft?

We have been trying for 5 months so would be bl**dy marvelous if we had managed it.



  • No idea whether you might be PG (I'm a lurker on here as 2 of my friends are pregnant so want some tips on what to expect!), but just wanted to say Good Luck & I hope you are!!

  • Im in the same boat Shimmie, Ive had a few signs of pregnancy such as cramps for no reason and really bad lower back pain, a few days ive felt really sick and generally just really tired.

    Saturday afternoon i went to the toilet and there was blood on the toilet paper, i felt great thought it was the implantation bleed.

    Took a test yesterday morning but it was BFN.

    My AF has just arrived this very minute, so im absolutely gutted!

  • Hi girls

    I am right in the middle of my cycle at the moment so fingers crossed we have got the right times dates etc etc! It would be the best present as my h2b goes to Iraq for 2 months on the 29th so I would love to call him and tell him that he is going to be a dad and he can be so excited for when he gets back!

    All I can say is that we have beem ttc for 6 months now and still nothing - it is a little harder as I am a weekend wife but we have managed somehow to be together when i am ovulating each month!

    I had spotting one month but it turned out to be negative and every month I have managed to convince myself that I have certain signs and symptoms!!!

    Anyway girls, fingers crossed

    Sarah x x x
  • Oh ladies, how exciting/not exciting/depressing at varying times!!

    I always think its implantation bleed but it hasn't been yet, but like you shimmsie have heard the rumours about this wonderful bleeding that occurs - fingers crossed for you hon, keep us updated

    I am due on any minute and convinced that AF is nearly here - but in the back of my mind I am secretly hoping that if I think AF is here that I am actually PG -if that makes any sense at all!!!

    The joys of the 2ww!

  • i have had bleeding for the last 3 months! i had never heard of implantation bleeding until i saw it on here the other day. not sure what's going on with my body at the moment though (see my other thread).

    i hope you all become pregnant soon, you are all lovely and deserve it. xox
  • I'll shall keep testing as im not completely convinced. good luck everyone.

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