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I'm getting broody

Hi ladies

I got married in August and have been feeling increasingly conscious of the fact that I might be ready for a baby. and husband plan to wait til we've been married a year then start trying (though he wasn't fully convinced). The fact is I'm 30 at the moment so next year when we start trying I'll be heading for 32 - plus something makes me think that it won't be easy for me to fall pregnant (I think I have PCOS but yet to confirm it as I need to find a doctor's that isn't disgustingly dirty etc around where we live...)

Sorry for the pointless rant - I think my husband is worried that I'll 'forget' to keep taking my pill (which I would never do deliberately) .

Anyway - how long did you all wait to start trying etc?? Does anyone feel the same?



  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Hi Lou,

    we got married at the beginning of July, hubby wanted kids straight away but I wanted to wait until we were married a year and then in the middle of August I got this massive wave of broodiness which has not gone away. I told hubby and we agreed to start trying in Jan. He is on medication and wanted to complete a 3 month course which ends next week but he then has to be off them for 3 months before we can start ttc.

    I know how you feel, its funny because I wasnt even sure I wanted to have children and then it just hit me and I am becoming obsessed with the idea.
  • Hi Rosapenny

    I'm glad it's not just me! Hubby wants to go off booze and be super healthy for 3 months to make sure his things are as productive as possible (sorry if that was too much!).

    So do you know if you have to come off the pill months ahead before you start trying??

    Argh, I'm not sure if this feeling will get any better or worse and I am stupidly going between wanting to try and then wanting to wait until I am down to a size 14 (currently an 18 and down from a 24) and can wear fab clothes beofre I put on baby weight - stupid reason I know!!

    Thanks for replying to this and I wish you the very best witj trying rosa!

  • Hiya

    The pill varies from person to person but they say it can take a few months to 12 months for your body to get back into a normal cycle. However some people can get pregnant straight away, but is unusual. I stopped taking my pill 9th August, really hoping to conceive by xmas or just after as i'd like to kinda be back to normal for my April 2010 wedding.
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    I dont know too much about the pill I have to admit, I could never take it. However I do agree I think it varies from person to person.

    Well done you for losing weight, I did it for the wedding but I have put on a little since then so I am trying to get it off again, so I can wear some really nice clothes come Christmas!! image We are hoping to go to Paris in Jan which is where I am hoping to conceive image Fingers crossed eh!!
  • I'm the same we got married in August and hubby wanted to try straight away but i wanted to wait a while but i'm now extremely broody and considering stopping my pill and then start trying around Xmas hopfully my body will have got back to normal by then.
  • I am the same!

    we got married at the end of July and I was dead certain before the wedding thta we would wait a year and then try. my husband has wanted kids since we first got together 6 years ago, so he would be happy to start trying now. But there are so many reasons to wait a year. I ma studying at college at the weekends at the moment as I have a full time job too. have been studying at weekends since I was 18 and am 24 now and if i pass all of the modules left first time i will only have 18 months left so would be pregnant for the last exams but finished by the time the baby comes. also by the end of april 2010 they are putting the maternity pay up to 52 weeks so thats 3 months more paid leave and if we leave it to a year from now the baby would be born in may 2010. also it would give us a year to get ourselves sorted after the wedding, do all the going out and have one last massive holiday, although we did have a really big honeymoon. also my husband has jsut bought me a new slk whichh is only 2 seater so would mean getting rid of that straight away and losing a lot of money on it. so my head says wait, but my heart is now raelly yearning for a baby!

  • also doesnt help everyone keep asking so when you having a baby then or are you pregnant yet? i keep wanting to say it would be easy to have a baby its a lot harder waiting!

  • i'm trying for number 2 and i am so broody even thought i still class lennon as a baby at 16 months lol

    over at their are loads of BFP at the moment and im getting a little jelous,whens my turn again imageimage
  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    Heard people either get pregant straight away after stopping the pill or it takes several months know several people who stopped and were then pregnant 4 weeks later!

    Then they atarted moaning they didnt get in enough baby dancing!

  • VeilukVeiluk Posts: 214

    This link from babyexpert says that you are very fertile for a few months after stopping the pill, but then your fertility drops for a year or more. Just though it was worth knowing. We have just decided to start trying, and I have only been off my pill for a couple of days on my usual 'break' so that gives me hope!
  • Hi ladies, I'm new but sooo broody. We're getting married in July 2009 and have planned to start trying in December 2009, which theoretically I am in full agreement with. However, I am so painfully broody at the minute (+ it is like a physical pain) that I seriously don't know how I'm going to wait 14 months without driving my lovely fiance completely mad. I actually find it an almost unpleasant feeling because it's sooo overwhelming. Does anyone else feel like this?
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249
    Miss tutu I have been like this, I am completly obsessed with having a baby and I only have to wait 3 months to we start ttc and I thinks its soooo long and it isnt really.
  • I'm actually quite relieved that others are feeling like this! We got married just over a year ago and I hadn't even thought about babies, but when my brother announced in January that they were pregant with their second, I felt absolutely gutted because I had assumed we would be the next in our family to have a baby. I'm on the pill but am still overwhelmingly broody. We've decided to wait until this time next year for a couple of reasons and I've committed to various projects almost as a way of filling the time until then, but it is going to be hard. Oh well, we're getting a puppy at the weekend, so that'll have to be our substitute for the time being!
  • I have a 4 year old and planning to get married xmas 2009, but i'm also very broody now my son has started school I catch pretty quick but don't want to be a pregnant bride to be, but if a womens body is ready, there is nowt a man can do about it apart from the obvious
  • with my first I gave up pill in sept and was pregnant by nov, but it can take up to 12 months when u come off pill, i was extremely lucky might not be so easy with 2nd
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