Bleeding after a miscarriage

Hi Ladies,

I'm after some advice, sorry about the subject matter but not sure where else to turn. Two weeks ago on Firday I started bleeing (was 10wks pregnant) and the Monday we went for a scan and the miscarriage was confirmed. This was an incomplete miscarriage and I had a d&C on the wednesday. What I would like to know from anyone else who has been in my situation is how long did you bleed for after your loss? I will have been bleeding for two weeks on Friday and really can't take anymore. Its not that heavy (well not anymore) but just doesn't seem to want to stop.

Thank you x


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    Hi Ims so sorry for your loss firstl, i had a m/c back in april/may but i didnt need a d&c but still bleed for 2 weeks afterwards, i think everyone is diff, and your body will stop when its ready to, if you feel something is wrong go back and speak to your doc, they may need to do another scan to see wots going on, chin upm it will stop soon im sure Helen xxx
  • I had a miscarriage 7 years ago now and i'm sure i bled for a good couple of weeks certainly if it hasn't stopped in the next week i'd speak to your doctor just to be sure. Sorry to hear of your loss x
  • Hi farrall, firstly I am so sorry for your loss. I had a m/c back in May when I was 10+5, bled for 5 days before they would scan me, then it was confirmed...and bled for almost 2 weeks after u I thought it would neva end...I'm sorry you are having to go through all this it is terribel time, but I am sure the bleeding will stop soon..all the best, take care xx
  • thanks ladies, I'm hoping it will have stopped by the weekend. I have an appt booked with my doctor for next wed (was told to by the hospital, not sure what for), so if I'm still bleeding then I will mention it to him.

    Both me and hubby are really struggeling with emotions this week, I never imagined it would be this hard...
  • It will be easier if you two stick together and talk and help each other out with the emotions because you are both going through the same/fairly similar thing.

    Have plenty of cuddles x
  • Sorry to hear that farrall, though it is to be expected. Tbh, I still struggle now...its a strange process that I don't think people can understand unless they have been through it/something hubby was great but in time didn't mention it anymore...I bottled it up, got more stressed with work...then peopel at work who have had similar experiences talked about everything with me and it really helped...problem is months down the line most people have forgotten, where I it is all fresh again now as would have been due soon. If u ever need to talk things through everyone on here are great. At least u have each other, stay strong and hope you feel better/the bleeding stops soon for u xx
  • i misscarried a couple of months ago. i knew i had when i was in the bath and just bled out. i also bled for a good couple weeks and had the usual pains. its normal to bleed for a long time x
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    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I had a miscarriage at the weekend. I was 5 weeks and had stopped bleeding by Tuesday.

    The emotions are horrible and Classic is right that no one can really understand unless they have been through something similar.

    If you need further support try going onto the miscarriage support forum and TTC after a miscarriage on I have found the ladies on there wonderful as they know exactly how I am feeling and can offer advice and support.

    The TTC forum is good because it is full of positive vibes and confirms that there is hope after a mc.

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    I had a miscarriage a few years ago, and I bled for about three weeks - everyone is different though. If you do have concerns you are best talking to your doc - if you ever want to chat just email me hun - I know what you are going through. Sorry for your loss x
  • Really sorry to hear about your sad news and what you're going through at the moment; my heart goes out to you. When I miscarried, I bleed for 2 weeks after - it's a horrid time and you're getting a constant reminder of what's happened to you, it does get easier though. it may not seem it at the moment but in time it will x
  • Thank you ladies I really appreciate all your support. My husband has been fanstic throughout and we have really been there for each other.

    I cant believe how many women have to go through this, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for next time. Were are following docors advice and waiting until I have had 1 normal cycle before trying again. We don't want to leave it any longer as we took 7 months to catch this time.

    One of my concerns is that my mum couldn't carry boys she had 4 miscarriages b4 12 weeks and a still birth much later, and I'm worried I maybe the same. I have expressed my concerns to the hopsital, but they still wont run any tests until I have had 3 miscarriages (god forbid).

    Sorry for rambeling ladies, but it's good to get it out. Thank you for listening x
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