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TTC January 09



  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    well done gemmiebaby. Heres hoping all goes well with you over the next 9 months...Congratulations xx
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    AF appeared this afternoon so I won't be lucky this month, let's hope Feb brings better news! image xx
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    AF appeared this afternoon so I won't be lucky this month, let's hope Feb brings better news! image xx
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    yeah heres to Feb........

    Sorry u werent lucky this month either....

  • ggooggoo Posts: 333
    BFP for me!!! Can't quite believe it. Lulu82 - wedding buddies and baby buddies! xx
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    Congratulations Georgina, I take it that's no drinking for you this weekend! Hope you have a healthy 9 months.

    My mum's friend gave birth this morning, 2 months early, she had a boy but he is ok, they said he may have to stay in for about a month but is doing well xx
  • lormartinlormartin Posts: 1,209
    I got my BFP today !!!! 1st month of trying and we did it ! (took 5 yrs with my daughter)

    I havent told my husband yet !! OMG
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    Congratulations Now Mrs Bell, looks like January is definatly a good month xx
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    wow january is deffo a good month....congrats georgina and mrsbell.....

    Poor us princesshoney - Feb will be our month fingers crossed!!!

  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    Hopefully MrsLauraS, Feb will be our month, worried that im due to test on friday 13th though! Oh well, maybe it'll be lucky for me xx
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    OH wow! This is quite a good month. Well Done to georginenewt and Mrs Bell. You must be thrilled. I've still got a while before AF is due and then possibly test.....eek!
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    Good luck mikijo.

    I've decided to take my mind off of the TTC by enroling on a college course, it starts next month but doesn't affect me if I get a BFP cos it ends in Oct. I'm doing social science, but it's only a short course because it leads to a longer one in Criminology xx
  • era9era9 Posts: 117
    Ive also had a BFP...did 6 tests in the end cos couldnt quite believe it. Our first month of trying now 5+3!! So excited. Hope it happens for you all soon xxx
  • Georginanewt, Mrs Bell & era9 - Congratulations to all of you!!

    Hope you have happy & healthy pregnancies!!

    Can you pass the babydust to us other girls so we can share in your good fortune. xxx
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    PrincessHoney...that course sounds great, esp as it leads to criminology. It will keep your mind off the whole ttc thing. Soon as school started back i stopped thinking about it as much and hope i can just stay relaxed and enjoy time time with DH.

    era9..congratulations to you too. Exciting times ahead. Keep happy and healthy.

  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    Lulu82- 9th January BFP!!

    mrs gemmiebaby - BFP

    Lucyj81 - 17th January

    NowMrsM -18th January - OUT due to AF visiting image

    georginanewt - BFP

    MRSHSB- 23rd January

    Mrs Grantham(Fur)- 25th January

    Animal84 - 27th january

    Claribel ??

    MrsMtoB ??

    Bes ??

    Mikijo 28th January

    JR2b - due 28th Jan/test 1 Feb

    d7p ??

    Brideylorr-Now Mrs Bell -BFP

    winks 31st Jan

    PrincessHoney 19th Jan - out AF

    era9 - BFP

    just a quick update. I hope i got things right. Please feel free to correct if not.

    baby dust and best wishes to all


    Have just noticed the thread from PrincessHoney that is listing all the BFP. There does seem to be a lot of baby dust around this month.

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  • lormartinlormartin Posts: 1,209
    Wow congratulations to all of us with BFP's

    Good luck to all the girls yet to test and loads of babydust being sent out to all of you. xxx
  • wendywuukwendywuuk Posts: 267
    Hi All,

    January looks like a lucky month - I've got another BFP to add to your list. After 4 years off the pill and 8 months really trying we've done it. Keeping everything crossed for everyone testing later this month and lots of baby dust for the feb ttc thread

    A very excitable Wendy Wu
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    awww it may be lucky for u princesshoney...seen as my af was a few days late and all over the olace i am going to move my test date til 12th as it should be here even if its a few days late by the 10th i recon so that gaves me a few days before i really get my hopes up and if it doesnt appear i will test tho i may wait til 14th seen as its valentines day and im a bit wary of the 13th (soz) and its my hubbys birthday 15th so if by a miracle i got pregnant i could wrap up the wee test.....

  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    Congratulations Wendywu.

    If I get my BFP on the 13th I will keep it a secret and tell hubby on Valentines Day, maybe write it in his card or something xx
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    Congratulations Wendy Wu...another one...this is fabulous.

    A Valentines BFP would be great wouldn't it...good luck to you both...i still have this month. Ha could be a birthday pressie for me (b'day is the 31st)
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    i cant believe how good a month Jan has been i hope Feb is jst as lucky....for me lol! Tho seen as it will only be my first month trying now that my af is away hurrah i may not be lucky but heres hoping...

    Im a bit worried about my job still thats 5 months i've been there so if i did get pregnant it would be 6 or 7 months i had been there depending on when i told them and altho they wouldnt like it by wrkn until my mat leave i would still have been there longer than past 2 nurses...

    my line manager has been talkin about all these opportunities coing up to further my skills and develop my role and its quite exciting and i must admit it made me question whether we should wait a bit and hubby said wotever i want to do is fine which i thot was sweet as he is mega broody ANYWAY i thought about waiting then thought no it could take us ages anyway so y put it off coz lifes too short and a baby is forver where as my job isnt....i figure i am worrying for nothing considering im no wer near a bfp yet and i think that i could still do training etc and then go off on mat leave and have those opportunities ther when i went back and if not oh well i could put up with a crap job just for the money - i think its jst as this is the first job i have really liked and could see myself staying there but to be honest i have never been particularly career minded i've always wanted a decent job i enjoy but i've always wanted to be a mother and if i had to chose one i would chose 2 be a mum anytime and i would give it all up tomorrow if i could afford 2 be a stay at home which i suppose says it all really doesnt it?

    i think i'm jst panicing as last month despite hoping my af wouldnt appear i knew it was about 95% likely it would wer as this month we will be BDing at least every 2nd day and really giving it a shot so maybe its jst nerves as its jst hitting me that we really are tryng to make a baby...

    Sorry for this big long ramble jst wanted to get that off my chest lol - what do u all think?

  • gemmiebabygemmiebaby Posts: 1,305
    Hey LauraS - I see why you are worried. Im similar. I have quite an important job, which would be difficult for anyone else at school at the moment to do so I wrry that I may have to be replaced and wouldnt get the same opportunities when I went back. BUT like you say, I also didnt want to put this on hold for my job. I never wanted to be an older mum (my mum was younger and I loved the closeness this bought us) so I figured that the job would work, somehow, and I would face whatever came my way. Of course, I have no choice s im now 4 + 5 but I still want this more than ever so thats what im going to do.

    I may not have said ANYTHING to help, but I remember talking to you about this a couple of weeks ago and this was wahat you really wanted. And you have plenty of time to take things on and move your career on before you take mat leave.

    Hope you are ok. Gemma xxx
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    thanks so pleased that u got ur BFP and that u understand a bit wer i am coming from....i think im jst worrying due to sods law and the luck i have as i will either get pregnant and miss out on the opportunities or it will take me forever to get pregnant and i will get bored with my job and end up stuck there lol...

    either way if i have 2 move to another team or location or something i will deal with it as like u have said i don't want to be an older mum either (my mum was 30 when she had me and 36 with my sis but she was married and trying from 21 so thats what scares me and why i don't want to put it off)

    I am goin 2 focus on my career in the mean time and take my mind off ttc and if that happens then we will be really lucky as its what we both want.....

    Where abouts are u from by the way?

  • gemmiebabygemmiebaby Posts: 1,305
    Im in Norfolk. Little remote place stuck to the side of our country where people dont seem to have mastered the internet as I never meet anyone from Norfolk on these!!!

    I can see why you dont want to put it off. I didnt either. Things will happen and you will cope. Im really scared about money and my job and the fact that someone may take on my maternity and be better than me (always one of my worries) and they wont want me back!!!

    Keep going with the career. Thats what I decided from August when I came off the pill and it helped to understand that I had other things to keep my mind occupied and didnt need to focus on ttc.

    Keep helps!

    Where bouts r u?
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    im in Glasgow....

    me and hubby both really want a baby and he doesnt want to go aay for his birthday or anything as he wants to put everything into our 'baby fund' lol - i kno how how much he wants it to and it would hbe amazing to get pregnant and be able to give him that as a birthday present seen as im testing a few days before unless af shows up as expected....

    i hav come ot the conclusion that yes i may enjy this job i kno its not forver as there is only so far i want to go job wise...i know that sounds terrible but mainly i go to work to live rather than live to work so if i won the lottery well i would prob pack it in lol - i would love to have a big family but at the minute kno that if we had one healthy baby we would be blessed and be so happy - its scary tho u must be soo excited now???

    It would be great 2 be able to join in all the mummy 2 b chats...

    anyway i am rambling a bit again i tend 2 do that sorry..

  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    I have just ordered some ov tests and pregnancy tests from ebay, I said I wouldn't yet but I just couldn't stop my finger from hitting Buy Now! It has a mind of it's own, AF is almost over now so hopefully my sticks will arrive just in time! xx
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    lol princess honey goodluck with those...

    i have gone back to my original plan of not stressing about it - i am going 2 give it at least 3 or 4 months before i order the sticks...

    i almost bought some in asda then hubby pointed out that technically we only had sex trying 2 make a baby about 3 times when we knew it was unlikely and so we should have a proper go at trying and enjoy it 1st it was a bit hard 2 get my head around it at 1st but im not going to give it as much thot for the next few months and see what happens...what wil be wil be and u never kno we may just do it in our first month!

    Good Luck

  • ggooggoo Posts: 333
    Hi guys, been away for the weekend - thanks for all your congratulation messages & congratulations to all you other BFP's!

    I can't quite believe I'm actually pregnant, I am however a complete and utter nervous wreck now though, it's gonna be a long twelve weeks!

  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I have just ordered some ov tests and pregnancy tests from ebay, I said I wouldn't yet but I just couldn't stop my finger from hitting Buy Now! It has a mind of it's own, AF is almost over now so hopefully my sticks will arrive just in time! xx

    can you post a link to where u get them hun ? x
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