folic acid-when to start?

Hi Ladies,

i am getting married in august and we have decided i will come off the pill in july. When should i start taking folic acid?:\?


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    I was advised to start taking it 3 months before you actively start TTC. We got married last August so I started taking it in May and we are expecting our first in Sept this year so fingers crossed it'll be that quick if not quicker for you.

    Good luck with the wedding too.

    MrsRG xx

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    Doctors usually advice to start taking folic acid three months before you start ttc.
  • They advise you to start taking it 3 months before TTC in case you are lucky to get PG in first month of trying.Good luck with your wedding & TTC. xx
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    My nurse said a month before but now you guys have me worried! ill be coming off the pill in June so will start taking it in March I think!

    Thanks x
  • I actually only spoke to my doctor last night about this and he said there's no harm taking it with months and months to go. I guess it cant do you any harm so long as you dont go over the RDA. Good luck image
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    hi i didnt start taking pregnacare until i was pregnant and i had no problems at all. good luck hope all goes well for you
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    I am thinking of starting now as I bought some in supermarket other week!!!!

    Wont be starting TTC for another 5months but I figured it wouldn't hurt to start sooner rather than later/
  • I have started now - i came off the pill in October, we are not ttc but i thought better prepared than not if you see what i mean.

    I take it before i go to bed with a cup of hot milk as i saw some comments on here about it making people feel sick, but i haven't had any side effects and the hot milk seems to be helping me to sleep!
  • thanks everyone, great advice. x
  • I didn't start taking any folic acid until I went to the doctors when i thought I was pregnant. So with my first I was about 7 weeks pregnant before I started taking any - and you have to stop taking supplements of it at 12 weeks - and with my second I was 4 weeks pregnant when I started taking it.

    I wouldn't worry too much about supplements as long as you have a good balanced diet (brocoli, peas, sprouts, brown rice, orange & bananas all have folic acid in), besides if you do take folic acid it's not a guarantee that all will be ok.
  • With my son i didn't start taking til i was 19 weeks pregnant wheni found out i was hiving him. With ttc now, my doctor as told me not to start taking it until i actually become pregnant
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    Can you get chewable Folic Acid as i can't swallow tablets - had enough trouble swallowing the pill when i was on it!!!
  • i didn't start taking it until i found out i was pregnant at 22 weeks! by then the doctor said i had missed the crucial stage which is the first 12 weeks so there was no point in taking the folic acid, but luckily my body had been craving green vegtables, orange juice, fortified cereal and bloody steak ( iron ) so i had been getting it naturally, but i believe that to help reduce the risk of spina bifida you should start taking folic acid at least 3 months before ttc.
  • so you cant do any harm by taking it too far in advance?! I'm planning on TTC from June onwards, so am i best to start taking about March time?
  • Quoted:
    so you cant do any harm by taking it too far in advance?! I'm planning on TTC from June onwards, so am i best to start taking about March time?

    No you can't do any harm by taking it too far in advance, all my doctor told me was not to take supplements of folic acid after the 12th week in pregnancy. But I would reccommend getting your diet sorted rather than taking the tablets straight away (not saying you have a poor diet of course).

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    were going to be trying in march so have started taking it now! i looked at pregnacare and i think it only contains omega 3 and folic acid so bought those seperately! cheaper! also my next smear test is due this summer, so they have advised me to have it b4 ttc! xx
    We spoke to our doctor this afternoon about this and she said to take it about 3 months tbefore trying to concieve and then into the first 3 months of the pregnancy. We are hoping to start end of April/beg May time after our honeymoon, i can't wait!!
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    hi guys,

    I'm now 21 weeks and I was advised to take folic acid as soon as we were ttc. I actually starting taking it in about March started ttc after our wedding in May and fell pg in september.

    I managed to get hold of pregnacare whilst it was on offer and still have loads left. As it's and all round multi vitamin tablet suitable for ttc, pregnancy & breastfeeding i'm still taking my leftovers now.

    So far as i'm aware taking folic acid after 12 weeks won't do any harm but by that stage you're passed the spinal development part of your pregnancy so it won't have any added effect.

    I also seem to remember reading somewhere that in order to absorb folic acid you're body needs iron which is why the all round supplements are handy even though a bit more expensive.

  • what is TTC????
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