any social drinkers TTC?

are any of you ladies social drinkers? a few in the week and out the weekend? I tend to be out quite a bit, have u quit while ttc? I have cut down but have not stopped drinking totally although plan to the minute I got BFP,what r u doing?


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    hiya, we're not TTC yet. but when I fell pregnant with Zac(he was a surprise) I found out on january 17th(I was 7weeks). I was 19 so was a total party animal back then& had a very boozy christmas and new year. I stopped drinking the minute I found out.

    When we start TTC in summer, I won't stop drinking. Although I don't go out very often ( oct was last time) my friends come round a lot, normally once a week we all get together for tea/drinks at someones house. so normally have 1 or 2 bottles of wine each. I normally have another bottle during the week at some point. I won't quit when TTC but if nothing happens within a year or so I will probably cut out alcohol then.

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    mmm I am thinking that maybe I will cut down on drink during my 2ww during the month. I don't want to sepdn the months TTC with only that on my mind. I have been a bit intense the last week and realsie I need to relax myself and just let it happen
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    God, i don't think i could give up completely during TTC

    I have a glass or two of wine during AF week, then don't drink for the rest of the month

    Meeting up with friends next weekend, and OV next weekend - God knows how im going to get away with going out for drinks... but not drinking image
  • hiya, we are out quite a bit, and i enjoy a good drink at the weekend, if im honest im going to continue with normal life until i get that point i wont drink at all at the end of the day touch wood we all get our BFP soon but we could be trying for a while. please dont take me wrong i am desperate for my bfp and everyime my AF due before a weekend i poas wishing it was positive but it cant be the only thing in your life or we would end up going round the bad enough as it is but i think if i put my life on hold i would get down. good luck hope you get your BFP soon x x
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