Bike + Trailer buggy

Has anyone got one? I thinking about buying one. Need to get into shape, summer will be here soon& don't want to look like a beached whale in my bikini!,507

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  • I haven't got one but we rented one when we went to Centre Parcs last year.

    My son loved it and I am definitely buying one this year(however won't use it too much as our next baby won't be big enough to go in it until around October time). I even had a go in it myself (lol) it was fun but h2b refused to pull me and our son up the hills image

  • Where is that one from? I've only ever seen them in Argos and Halfords in a blue colour - is it a double seat or single?
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    its from halfords, its two seats. I actually only need one seat but this one has a detachable front wheel so can be turned into a buggy too. probably a handy feature just incase he falls asleep in it
  • Ooh I haven't seen that one, shall keep my eyes open for it.
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    well have ordered it, mines is coming tues will let you know how I like it.
  • Oh yer please do. I can't wait to get mine - have to get a bike first though lol my son loved it, even fell asleep in it...and I thought it was great fun too being a passenger in it hehe

    I will say though it takes a while to get used to cycling with a trailer, I was forever thinking I could get through small gaps of people when clearly I couldn't and ended up running over peoples toes lol
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    well my bike&trailer has finally been delivered& built up. (£183ish for bike,trailer & delivery-with 5% discount)

    the trailer was easy to build, no tools needed.

    have just got back from our first outing. we have big park with oval pathway 2400m near our house. cycled 3/4 and walked the rest. my legs were pretty sore (AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW!!OUCH!!). but all went well, Zac loved it. definately going to start using it few times a week.

    like you say will take a while to get used to how wide I am, although I am the opposite, I keep taking the corners really wide!!

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