Gone through 2 pill packs, but could I be pg?

Hi ladies,

First time I've ever posted in this section, I'm probably worrying over nothing but I take my pill regularly (Cilest) and decided to miss my period week and go straight through into the next pack as we were going snowboarding and didn't want the hassle. (For the record I really don't make a habit of missing the period week). I now have just just over a week to go before I'm due to have my period week after the second pack. My breasts are now incredibly swollen and tender and at the weekend I went out for a friend's birthday and just couldn't really drink (alcohol) if that makes sense - I just didn't fancy it and the thought of it turned my stomach. I selpt for 11 hours last night, which is unusual for me, as I said probably just due to going through pill packet, but is this what normally happens or is there a small chance that I could be pg?

I haven't taken a test as I didn't think you could tell till after you've missed a period but how would that work if you're on the pill??

Thanks for any thoughts or advicexx


  • ggooggoo Posts: 333
    I was on Cilest and used to run packs together all the time, the doctor even told me it was ok. You are probably just a bit under the weather or having AF symptons but if you are worried some pregnancy test work four days before your period is due. I'm guessing they would still work even if you are on the pill cos it's all about hormone levels or something.

  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    Ok thanks for that, I guess I'm just paranoid as the symptoms are much more extreme than my usual ones. I'll give it a couple more days then take a test - just for my own piece of mind. Thanks xx
  • Fidget72Fidget72 Posts: 775
    Whenever I run two packs together I tend to find I get worse period syptoms and very often my boobs are so sore and massive it's horrible lol. I think you'll be fine but do test if you're worried.
  • i was on the patch and ran it together for 3 months at a time after a year i had to come off for a monthas i had really painfull breasts, it was just water but it had inflatted them and was really sore. there is no medical reason why you should get havier periods if you run them toghether though x
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