Holding water?

Hi all we are in our first month of ttc and have been getting ahead of myself as usual and hoping i may already be!

AF is due thurs/fri of this week had lots of symptoms ( really sore nipples heavy swollen breasts,been really sensitive to smells and feeling quite queasy etc) but now I'm really retaining water which is what happens when AF is due.:\? my tummy is really bloated!

Could it still be possible? does anyone know if you hold water when pregnant? I am peeing ALL the time but I do drink about 2/3 litres of water a day so normally go quite a lot!

I don't know how I'll cope if it takes years to conceive think I'll drive my poor husband to distraction!

Thanks for any advice


Nik x


  • i think i know what you mean. i stopped the pill 4 weeks ago today and started ttc straight away. I have been feeling tired, queasy, sore swollen breasts, general water retention and peeing a lot, like you i do generally drink a lot but i am peeing more. I have also put on 3 lb despite watching what i'm eating and working out, here i'd always thought the pill made you put on weight i never thought i'd put more on when i stopped! I don't know when af would be due as i have a very long cycle when not on the pill, like every 5 - 6 weeks. I feel a bit like i'm going mad already!
  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    Hi Valentine b2b thanks for your reply I came off the pill in May 08 as I wanted to give my body time to get back to normal before we ttc.

    It's just so confusing! I think I ov early in the month so the waiting is killing me! I have poas and it was negative but I knew it would be so early!

    My cycle is quite long now 30/31 days just wish I knew for sure , well roll on friday let's see is AF arrives!

    Nik xx
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    This is my only bugbear about being pregnant. I am holding so much water I can't even get my engagement ring on (wedding ring is ok though), my clothes are tight and I'm so uncomfortable. I'm drinking loads of water and weeing lots too but nothing's shifting it!

    Lets hope this is a good sign for you

  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    oh thanks lulu82 I was starting to lose hope for this month! I suppose it aint over until AF arrives...

    Boobs don't feel as sore today and my tummy flatter also feeling a lil angry so she is probably on the way!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy lulu82 wishing you a happy and healthy one.

    Love Nik xx
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