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Daft question, but should I be worried....

That my 2 and 1/2 year old sleeps too much?

To most of you this probably sounds lush, but my son has started going to bed at around half 7 (with no probs) and not waking up til half 10.

He used to be a nightmare to put to bed and I would end up having to sit with himfor a couple of hours, the whole ordeal was hell on earth, and then he would wake up around half 7 in the morning.

But the last week has been different, he has gone to bed nicely for a while, since I cutout daytime naps, but the lie in's have only just started happening.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why he has suddenly started sleeping in?


  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    maybe he's just tired out, from running about. I would say make the most of it as it probably won't last. you know what kids are like, their sleep patterns change all the time
  • lol your right I think I should just lap it up, but it is soooo out of character for him, stillv ery nice for me all the same.
  • jojoberriesjojoberries Posts: 1,037
    my daughter never slept...EVER! and still doesnt!

    He might be going though a growing spirt or fighting off a cold?

    i'd keep an eye on him tho, coz you know your child more than anybody, so if your worrid just nip him down docs so that they can tell you its fine, or if you need to look out for signs of something developping......

    But i'd make the most of it!!!!! While you can! xxx
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