[color=red][b]Week 3[/b][/color] YAYB TTC Weightloss thread

Hey girls,

Week 3 is here - how are we all doing?

I've lost 1lb this week (but AF showed up yesterday so no surprises it's not more).

Still, I'm hopeful for a better loss next week thanks to water retention, yeay!

JR x image


  • I've lost 1lb! Not much but I've just realised that the wedding is 5 months today so I'm getting all serious now! Even keeping a daily food diary of EVERYTHING that I eat and drink and the fat and calorie content where poss! I had my dress measurements taken the other day and I ordered it 4", 5", 3" smaller than my measurements as they are now- Eek!! :\) xx
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    See you beat me too it!! Sorry for the delay this week ladies! Im off work sick with another chest infection (2nd in 8 weeks). I never managed to get to WW last night and have lost a bit of motivation, but hopefully it will come bouncing back as soon as I feel a bit better!

    Keep up the good work!



  • vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
    Hey girls!

    I'm off to WW this evening (6.30), but not hopeful as it's been a very social w/end with drinking and a meal out so, although I monitored my intake, still feeling like it's going to be a stuck week image will keep you posted

  • vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
    Hey ladies,

    Am back from my WW meeting and, somehow, don't ask me how, I've lost another 3lb! Am now 2lb away from a stone and a half!

    Well done to you all too!

  • landrelandre Posts: 36
    Not a good week for me put on ???? pound so back to what i was after week 1 hopefully will do better next week!

    Well done to everyone else.x
  • I managed to lose 2lb again this week so really pleased with myself as I never seem to lose big amounts unless i'm on nights and i'm not doing any of those for a couple months so hopefully will stick to the little & often stage for the mo
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