Babies and Renting


I'm not pregnant but we plan on ttc after the wedding. At the moment we are renting our home and I can't see us buying before we have children at this point.

I read on another thread on here that children are a renting no-no, just like pets. I checked our letting agreement and it also says 'no children'. I wasn't bothered about this when we moved in but now it really scares me.

Does this mean that as soon as I get pregnant we have to look for different accomodation?

Is there anyone who has experience with this????

Thanks X


  • Hi Johanna

    We are renting and have a baby, we've had no problems but I know some people don't allow children but if you need to move you'll find somewhere that will allow children. We found out we were pregnant just after we signed the lease for our house but luckily the landlord allows children otherwise it could have been tricky! If you've been good tenants they may not mind children.

    Hope this helps in some way

    best of luck xxx
  • Thanks Chela,

    at least there seems to be hope. I don't know our landlord as we are only dealing with a letting agency.

    I'm thinking that the landlord prob won't like children or he wouldn't have stated it in the ad and the agreement.

    I love our home and really hate the idea of moving. It was so hard to find a flat in the first place where I felt happy...
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    OOh we are planning on doing the same, i never thought of this!

    I will be checking our agreement when we get home! Thanks for making me aware! x
  • We've been renting for years with kids. Most people are fine with babies and kids it's just some really snooty people who are funny with it.

    Best bet is to have a word with your agency. It may be that now they know you and know you're reliable they won't have a problem with it... Good luck x
  • I think if your an existing tenant then you have more rights over someone who is looking to move in with children, most landlords only say this to put off DSS tenants as it means the rent isnt always paid on time! maybe speak to your agent or get some advice from your local council? i dont have kids yet, but we too want to try after the wedding & our agreement says NO CHILDREN but im sure we will get around that having been good tenants for over 2 years!
  • I really hope so.

    Thanks for all your replies. It's also good to know that I am not the only one in the situation.

    I really hope it will be a different situation as the letting agency already knows us.

    I wonder if there is any people on here who actually had to leave their flat because a baby came along.
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I don't think they would kick you out but if having spoken to the agency and the landlord does say no then the agency will happily keep an eye out for other properties with landlords that are happy with it.

    We're going to be looking for somewhere new ready for ttc as i really don't want to be lugging baby and things up 45 steps to the flat!!!
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