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need some hep with understanding twins

Hi Every one,

well to cut a long story short, both me and h2b were twins, but in both cases the other twin died just before birth,

will this mean that we might have twins?


  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    yes, you will be more likely to carry a twin.

    twins run in families(think generally the mothers family)
  • Hi, I'm a twin, and historically they have always been in my family. however twins usually skip a generation so you both should be ok.

    you could just ask about your families history to make sure this is the case but it should be x
  • Hi, I was a twin and the same happened to me, however my uncle & aunt are twins, so there was no skip there. I think it differs from family to family? x
  • vic32ukvic32uk Posts: 113
    Hi Girls,

    i know some where down the line there are twins in our family, but not sure what side,

    so if we have kids then, will there be a chance they might have twins?
  • MsBrushMsBrush Posts: 163
    Only non-identical twins are hereditary - usually passed down the mother's line. ie. there will be a tendency, passed from mother to daughter etc, for a woman to release two eggs each time she ovulates.

    However, identical twins is something that is a complete fluke of nature and is not hereditary.

    So for instance, my nan had a twin brother, so it's likely that tendency will have been passed down to me and my sister.

    My H2B is an identical twin - but that will have no bearing on whether we have twins or not.

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  • hi,im a twin but with a boy an i dont no many of them like that.i have been told it will be my daughter will have the twins but when i was pregnant with my son we found out h2b sister was pregnant with twin boys.the midwife said it would then be more likely we will have twins as its on both sides of the family.but then i have had a daughter since an she was just a single baby.i do no a few twins were it skipped generation an then had twins.
  • TamsinLTamsinL Posts: 61
    Hi Mrs VW 2be, I don't claim to be an expert on this but it depends whether you and your h2b were monzygotic (identical) or dizygotic (fraternal or non-identical) twins with your unbron siblings.

    As I understand it, non-identical twins occur when a mother releases two separate eggs which are both fertilized by different sperm and hence two individual and different fetuses develop. This is commonly believed to happen for a genetic reason (on the mothers side). There is no known mechanism for a father to cause the release of multiple eggs.

    In identical twins, one single already fertilized embryo splits into two to create two identical babies with very similar DNA. There is no known reason for this to happen and so it is believed to be an anomaly.

    Therefore, as a female, if you were a non-identical twin then you may have inherited the genes and therefore potentially could be in with a chance of having twins yourself.

    Forgive me if I have got this wrong - if anyone knows better than I do then please correct me!

  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    My hubbies mum is a twin!

    it looks like you have twin genes all over the place!

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  • The way it works seems to be totally dependent on the female line. If your mother or grandmother had FRATERNAL (non identical) twins or you yourself are a fraternal twin, you have an increased chance of carrying the gene for hyperovulation.

    With me, I may carry the gene, dunno, My maternal grandmother was a twin and also had brothers who were twins. None of her children have had twins however, so maybe one of us grandkids will. It's difficult to tell. It only increases your chance, it doesn't guarantee you'll have twins.

    Your hubbies twin state and family history have NO bearing AT ALL. It all depends on your genes and your ability to produce multiple eggs. It goes down the woman's line, so focus on that.

    However, your kids would have an even larger chance (well, your daughters) because you're both twins yourselves. See how that works?

    You also increase your chances by taking fertility drugs, so those on Clomid, they have a pretty good chance of multiples.

  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I have non-identical twin girls, and am probably going to repeat what has already been said.

    Non-ID twins are genetically passed through the maternal side, so if there are fraternal twins anywhere back in your family tree then you carry a greater chance of naturally conceiving twins. Your h2b's side has no bearing, although if he has fraternal twins in his family tree then your daughter would carry an increased chance (or if you sons, they could carry the gene and pass it on to their daughters). It is a myth that it skips a generation. My daughters have an even more increased chance as there are fraternal twins in my h2bs family as well!

    ID twins are a chance occurence and (as far as science can tell) is not passed from generation to generation. It can happen to anyone at any time.

    People generally think that if twins share a placenta then they are ID (which is true) but that if they have separate placentas then they have to be non-ID. This is not so - there are a lot of ID twins born that have their own placenta. If the egg splits in the first 3 days after fertilisation then they can implant separately and form their own placentas. Its quite scary how many midwives/doctors don't realise this!!! Statistics I read suggested that approximately 10% of same-sex twins born with separate amniotic sacs and placentas are actually ID.

    So really, it depends on whether you and your twin were ID or not. You can also take out insurance against having twins, which pays out should you conceive multiples. Not much, but it all goes some way to covering the additional expense of having more than one at once!
  • You can... get... insurance in case you have multiples? wow... that's... actually a little disturbing...
  • vic32ukvic32uk Posts: 113
    Hi Girls

    Thank you for all your comments and advise, i think the best thing i can do is see what happerns when we are preggs, when the time comes i will let you know, xxxxxx
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