H2b wants to try for a baby after the wedding too :p

Had a chat with him last night whilst lying in bed about when we want to start trying for a baby as i am so desperate for one and want to start trying after the wedding - And he said he does too yay

Our wedding is Jan 2010 but as i am on the injection at the mo (which could take 11 months to leave my system) i am not going to go for my next one which is due on the 14th Feb.

I'm sooooo excited that we are taking the first steps to becoming parents by stopping the injection and maybe we'll have a honeymoon baby (would be nice but i'm not going to get my hopes up incase not).


  • Me too!! I hope anyway!! My honeymoon is Sep 09 and I'm terrified but really excited- have become obsessed with all things baby!
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    I have been really broody for the last couple of years (i work at Butlins so constantly seeing very pregnant ladies and new born babies everywhere (think the hormones are flying everywhere)) and so am over the moon that he wants to start a family too
  • I am currently a fertility charm to everyone I know all our friends falling pregnant I'm soooo jealous almost wish we weren't doing things "properly" lol so we could get a wriggle on now- it will be worth it (I'd miss my All inclusive honeymoon if i fell now) I keep looking at prams etc- never been broody before now!! my h2b is very very broody his biological clock is soooo loud lol
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    Me too. Keep going to the baby clothes in stores and when i walk past baby shops look at prams etc. H2b and i also looked through the baby section in the argos catalogue!!
  • oh good luck to you hope you fall quickly!!! and have a lovely wedding of course!!!
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    And you too xx
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    Whooo how fantastic!!! Good luck to you both xx
  • now you have to go and make me jealous too : ( lol congrats by the way I hope i can be so lucky!- though I'd quite like a blue one!

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