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Hi, Ok so this is my first time on this message board as I have been putting all my energies into sorting my wedding out, and I have to be honest I really thought it was for people already pregnant...silly I know!!! My Oh and I were going to start trying for a baby before our wedding (we get married on Sep 5th this year), I am currently on the mini pill and was going to come off end of May then start trying - now in my wonderful fluffy bubble I was thinking getting pregnant around June/July though still be able to fit into my dress - sounds shallow I know - but after reading a few posts on here and seeing it can take a while I was wondering if I should come off earlier??? now I may be answering my own question here as I do realise that it may be an immediate thing or it may take 1/2/3 years.........just wondering what like minded people are thinking really as I have no-one I can chat to about this. I am 32 this year so am getting very broody now and would like to think I could have 2-3 of the little people.

Thanks in advance - oh and any other advice will be greatly recieved like what supplementas to take, I am fit and eat healthy. I feel totally out of my depth talking about this!!!! Not like me at all

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  • I've not had a child myself yet but I warn you being pregnant on your wedding day could ruin it- not the same for everyone but my friend had severe morning sickness all day everyday and ended up on a drip at 9 weeks, I understand how eager and excited you must be but from what I can gather the first 3 months can be very tiring and you can fill poorly a lot of the time!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  • Yeah I understand that and I have now got my head around I would just hate the fact that I have waited another year only to find i am taking longer than wished for at least if I start now then dresses can be taken out/changed if I do become pregnant sooner rather than later.....I'll have to deal with whatever comes my way!!!

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  • landrelandre Posts: 36
    I came off the pill (Cerazette) in September and it took a while for my cycle to get back to normal still not completely regular but getting there and the first few months i felt rubbish the whole time think it was my body adjusting to not being on it.
  • That's the one I am on....and I know each of are different but this is the gamble I have to take....

    MrA08 are you trying then?

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  • Hi im getting married in dec and i came off the pill last month i felt like crap for the first couple of days and i had headaches which i dont normally have. i had my normal 7 day withdrawel bleed then i had my proper period on time! i was quite suprised as i was on microgynon for 5 years so hopefully my periods are back to normal! i wanted to try for a baby a couple of months before i get married bu decided against it as i didnt want morning sickness on the day and i want to be able to have alcohol on the day and on honeymoon so im gonna try when we get back1 hopefully il be lucky and catch straight away. xxx
  • so are you just using condoms at the moment as contraception??? MrsParker2b???

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  • Hi

    I got married in August 2008 but came off the mini pill in October 2007, we just used condoms as contraception up until October2008 when we decided to start ttc - so far no BFP. My periods are still not regular and can vary from 23 to 29 days. I am 30 and very broody especially as my best friend has just announced she's having twins
  • It's this kind of thing which makes me think I should come off now and be only problem is, and I'm not bragging this has got me into some embarrassing situations at A&E, but my OH is slightly larger and we aren't too keen on them......My friend has actually gone to be induced today her first and unexpected, yep I'm broody.....

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  • talk it over with your oh, even go to and see your gp/nurse and both talk things through with them. We are going to keep trying for the next 6-9 months and hope it happens if not we go back to the doctors a see what we try next. My best friend is due to be married in Sept and twins are due late July so she has the same questions with regard tp dresses. Good luck with the weddingxxx

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    It's so difficult. At least on here you'll get a variety of opinions.

    I'm 30 in a few weeks and currently 5 months pregnant. It took us 4 months to get our BFP (got married in May 08) and i've had no symptoms at all except feeling a bit more tired and i didn't get a bump till about 4 months.

    Only you and h2b can decide what to do. No two people are the same and we all 'suffer' in different ways. It may take months for you to fall pregnant or it could happen straight away.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, Alliex

  • Hi,

    No adivce to offer but thouht I would say that since coming off the pill my skin has been awful, so I would reccommend you come off now to give it time to settle, or afterwards? I don't think there is a right or wrong, you have to do what is right for you as a couple!
  • Hi kateannsmith yeah we just use condoms for now.

    Just discuss it with you OH and you can both decide what to do together. good luck xxx
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    we got married in june of last year and did discuss a family but in a couple of years time, i was on the pill so thought I was safe but we found out in september that i was pregant and the baby is due in 3 months. so it doesnt always take months to fall pregnant. i suppose im telling you to be cautious!! I really enjoyed my wedding day and couldnt imagine the day being the same if i was suffering from morning sickness - it really does make you feel rubbish!!!!!

  • lynne4375lynne4375 Posts: 304
    meant to say, when you start trying for a baby you should start taking folic acid suppliment


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