Can any one help?? So confused (WARNING TMI!)

Posted : Jan 30, 2009 11:02:26 AM Subject : Still Confused! Hmmmmmm


I had small cramps in my lower stomach. Not like AF was coming but simliar. I put it down to needing a wee! So I went for a wee and wiped... Do not read on if you don't want to hear TMI!!

I wiped a huge glob of cervical mucus, it was like EWCM but far thicker and stickier and loads of it, almost the size of a ping pong ball. I spoke to some friends who said this was a very good sign on implantation. So I was on cloud nin last night! Still only BFN's but it could be too early for the pregnancy hormone to show.

This morning...

I went to the doctors to talk about my blood results. Something unconnected with TTC is that my blood viscosity is slightly raised. My blood is too thick lol! He wants to re test the blood to see if it was just an annomoly. But he also found that my progesterone levels were low. He siad this could be because we did the blood test at the wrong time but he wants to retest to see if the levels have changed.

Now my thinking is that when I went to have the blood tests I think I ovulated that day. Which means my progesterone levels would be low because they don't rise until 7 DPO...

So... is there still a chance I will get my BFP?? Now you see why I am confused!


  • I didn't want to read and run like a lot of people have...i don't know the answer but hopefully by posting it will bump the thread up the list a bit! Let us know if you do get your BFP.x
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    Sorry hun, I dont know the answer - but BUMP for you and good luck xx
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