a bit confused!

hi ladies

I am just looking for some info or advice im not really sure which, but anyway for the last 3 months my lady things have always came late & recently iv been peeing alot alot like every 15-30 minutes & the past couple of days iv been gettin cramps in my stomach & major heartburn (i never get heartburn only time iv had it was for the last 3months of my last pregnancy) i want 2 do a test but i know i will be so dissapointed if its negative even though we're not trying for a baby & are not planning on having 1 soon, could these be pregnancy signs or just my body being weird at the moment??


  • hey babe

    it's quite possible. i had those symptoms although the acid test for me was the sore nipples as i had NEVER experienced that before, and my boobs were getting bigger!!! they say the breasts give it away and i have to agree. chill out and relax. it's difficult to conceive if you're pent up and anxious which is why a lot of people conceive during the holidays!
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