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early signs your pregnant

Did anyone get any early signs that they were pregnant. If so what were they?


  • I had an amazing sense of smell and taste, didn't even realise I was pregnant as e had tried to 'stop trying ttc'. Also had sore b00bs, they felt really full if you know what I mean. Had a litle sickness which is what made me take the test.
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    My only symptom was feeling really bloated. My other symptoms didn't start until I was 7 weeks pregnant.

    Is your period late? xx
  • justttcjustttc Posts: 500
    Not late or anything had a period a couple of weeks ago, just feel wierd.

    Was so tired last week - like seriously exhausted, and I keep feeling queasy.

  • Actually I was really tired too. That was probably the main dislike as I felt like my husband & his brother (who is staying with us for a while) would think I was making a drama of it & just being a lazy c0w! I was also too tired to go to gym after work which I hated. Unfort we lost that baby but I've also been feeling a bit strange since Friday, scared I'm going to have a phantom preg or something as sure it's too soon to be feeling anything at all.
  • AzuraniaAzurania Posts: 667
    Metallic taste in your mouth is always an early indicator.

    Plus exhaustion from doing a normal daily routine!

    Having really vivid dreams is also another one, which adds to the general tired feeling as well.
  • Don't remember with my first and only successful pregnancy, the first real definitive signs with him were nausea that started at 9 weeks lol.

    Second, heartburn.. seriously painful heartburn. Cramping and slightly sore bbs. Third, INCREDIBLY sore bbs, nausea right from day one, tiredness and mood swings.

  • buckybeebuckybee Posts: 1,092

    I felt like I was coming on to be honest all the same cramps etc, but super sore boobs and the area around my nipples got bigger and darker!

    ALSO just felt tired all the time.

    At about 6 weeks, I could smell the cat's food from the other side of the house - that's when the nausea kicked in!!!
  • malkymummalkymum Posts: 652
    I had my normal period symptoms but bigger, moody, horny, sore boobs. Sore boobs just got worse and I think I just knew, I did a test only being a day late and it was positive
  • Mine was my skin- I got loads of spots and just knew I was pregnant! I had only conceived 2 weeks previous (and it wasn't planned it was a happy 'accident')
  • My skin went really bad too.

    I had bouts of bad insomnia and nosebleeds which I have never had before.

    I also couldn't stop weeing and the reason I tested was because I had very strange twinges in my back - like nothing I have ever had before.

    Hope you get the result you are hoping for,

  • Oh god, the peeing is SO ANNOYING haha. I've got that right now but i'm rather skeptical about the chances of me being pregnant again. Still, we'll see wont we? 4 days till I can test.
  • Hi

    I had AF type cramps and needed to wee loads x
  • Vixen78Vixen78 Posts: 425
    sort of crampy pains in belly, very very sore boobs, thumping bad headaches and feeling like i could sleep on a clothes line regardless of what sleep id had. Not sure bout any of the rest of you but i had hunger so bad it made me sick and faint!
  • fairythaliafairythalia Posts: 1,476 New bride
    Aren't all these the same symptoms of coming off contraceptive too?? Arrgghh! I'm so confused today??
  • susanjo0susanjo0 Posts: 220
    Hi. We're TTC just now and I keep thinking I have some symptoms but I don't know if its just that I really want to be pregnant so I think I am sort of subconsciously looking for signs that might not really be there.

    I have noticed a metalic taste in my mouth for about 4 weeks now and also got a few spots which I never get, have an extra sensitive sense of smell ( I sometimes think I am imagining smells because my husband doesn't smell them ) and I have been weeing more, more tired etc.

    I just don't know if these are new things though or if they have always been that way and I am just noticing now becuase I am hopefull. Does that make sense?

  • Its so crazy Im the same, it makes perfect sense to me! you spend your early years of life trying not to conceive and then suddenly you realise its maybe not quite that easy. We have only been TTC since the NY I have really sore boobs, queasiness, tiredness, cramps 2 name just a few! but just dont want to get my hopes up! could I just be feeling these things because I want a baby so much??? and all I want to do when I get home is google symptoms of pregnancy..think Im going NUTS!!! only 5 days till I can test XXX
  • susanjo0susanjo0 Posts: 220
    he he he. i google symptoms almost every day too!

  • i had a really good pregnancy, think i was quite lucky - the only thing i got was an incredible sense of smell - coffee and garlic yuk yuk yuk - i swear i could smell garlic off ppls breath up to 48 hrs after they had eaten it!! funnily enough 5 mnths later i still cant bring myself to eat anything with garlic in it, it was that bad! back on my 10 coffeess a day now tho hehe
  • Thanks so much for this thread.

    I am trying to find out how early the symptoms start. I have had period type pains (but less severe) in my lower abdomen for 4 days. My n!pples (nipples only, not breasts) are very tender (never had that before) and I have been feeling incredibly nauseous for 3 days. I came off the pill 4 months ago so I don't think it could be a reaction to that.

    The strange thing is that my last period started only 2 weeks ago. Could I be pregnant and getting symptoms so early or should I go to the doctor incase it is something else entirely? My next period isnt due for another 2 weeks so that's a long time to wait to see if I miss it!
  • ShewardSheward Posts: 395
    thanks from me as well for this thread.

    I'm like all of you as well, especialy HAL. I came off the pill 5 months ago, this month i'm feeling stranger than ever. Tired, dizzy, nauseas, i've had the metalic taste in my mouth, my sense of smell has gone wild etc etc... but like you guys, am i imaging they're all pregnancy symptoms because i want it so much - i was even sick yesterday morning - by my husband tells me i'm being silly - how could you have morning sickness before your period is even due!?!

    I've been using and it has proven (since being off the pill) that my cycles are like up to 35 days long, which means even though i had a tiny period almost 3 weeks ago - i've still got 2 weeks until i can test - how fustrating!!!!!!image

  • The first sign that I had that I was pregnant was when I went to the pub after work for a glass of wine, and I just didn't fancy it! Pre-pregnancy I could easily drink a bottle after a hard day, lol! That was at about 3 weeks and was before all of the other symptons started. Knowing how I normally love a nice glass of wine I left the pub, went to Boots and got an early pregnancy test that works before your period is due, and I am now 12 weeks pregnant!

    Good luck to all of you TTC xxx
  • When i was (but mc ages ago) i needed to pee all the time, and i would get so so hungry. I felt like i was starving, in the time it would take me to walk through the house to get food i'd be crying i was so hungry. Then i'd be sick non stop from the moment i woke up,until about two in the afternoon, and very sleepy.

    This was from about two weeks until eight (when i mc)

    but im sure thats all a bit extreme and not at all the norm.

    x x x
  • I became addicted to sor cream cheese crisps...then had mc and cant touch them since image
  • H2b and i have been trying for over 2 years and have started our first month on clomid this month, so went into it with more enthusiasm and postivitity. So i am hoping the strange feelings i am having sicky feeling, af type cramps (earlier than normal and not so bad) , super sore nipples ( not boobs) and very sleepy ( ok thas not so unusual as i sleep like a bear hibernating for winter anyway!!!) are not just my imagination as i want it so much!! Anyway can test in 7 days time so will have to be patient ( not one of my strong points!!) and try not let my imagination get the better of me, can't take much more monthly disappointment! Will keep all posted, thats if i haven't done my own head in by then!! xx
  • I'm exhausted all the time and NAUSEATED. Horah! Still, I did a test on Thursday - BFN. Bummer.

    Still, I can't think what else 4 days of nausea could be you know?

    My bbs have only JUST started hurting today and they're only a little sensitive. In fact, it baffled me that they didn't hurt because usually just before AF they swell up and ache like hell. Ohyeah, and i'm peeing a lot more than usual. Even if I don't drink anything, i'll still pee every hour or so.

    If I get another bfn tomorrow morning with fmu.. well, i'll have to toddle on down to the doctors and demand blood tests and answers.
  • Hi girls, I'm coming off the pill soon and we will be TTC, just wondered if anyone had any side affects when they came off the pill? I've been on it for 13 years so bit worried.
  • MrsLyons I bled solidly for 4 weeks.. glee! But then, I reacted fairly badly to being ON the pill. Do be aware, it can cause irregular bleeds or spotting (totally normal) and can take a while for regular cycles to resume. A few months I believe, though i'm not certain. I was only on the pill for about 2 months before I went off it thanks to the side effects lol.
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