I think I have a problem!

I'm not pregnant, and won't be trying until after I'm married in June.

However I'm incredibly broody, and having 9 people at work all pregant isn't helping very much! I brought a pram 2 years ago, and I've just been shopping a spent £16.50 on baby clothes. I can't help myself. Does anyone else think I'm odd???

My other half knows about the pram purchase, but I think he'd think I've gone crazy if he knew about the clothes. I've just hidden them in a shoe box in my cupboard.


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    I think its very strange that youve bought a pram already!!! But thats just my personal opinion! Ive been ttc for almost 12 months now and I wouldnt even contemplate buying anything baby related until I had one on the way and was past my 12 week scan!! I wouldnt want to tempt fate by buying stuff as you never know if you can actually have children until you try! But each to their own! if it helps with your broodiness then Im sure it wont do any harm! Just watch you dont freak your h2b out!

  • The reason I brought the pram when I did was that it was an absolute bargin. I was meant to be £750 but was reduced to £150 and is a limited edition colour. I has a carrycot, raincover, pushchair seat that faces both ways, and changing bag all included for that price.
  • I think that is a bit odd. If you are supersticious then it is actually supposed to be bad luck to have a pram in the house before a baby, when I was expecting both my children the pram was stored at my mothers until the babies had come home from the hospital. As long as you don't become obsessed I don't suppose there is any major harm. It is possible you may take a year to fall pregnant and will you even like the clothes by then ???
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    I must admit it is still very strange. With the baby clothes they can only wear them for a short time so you may have bought the wrong season stuff etc. Also I agree about the tempting fate thing. But on the other hand having a 'thing' like this is harmless, you are not hurting / offending anyone and fingers crossed you will use it all one day.

    If I were you though I would try and calm it down a bit as it could quite easily turn into an obsession.

    I am getting married in July and can't wait TTC but there is no way I am buying any baby stuff until I am pregnant.

    Can't you cahnnel all your energy into your wedding for now?
  • The pram is stored in my nan's loft and has been since I brought it.

    I haven't got anything else to do for the wedding as I'm a very organised person and it was all completed by the end of December 2008!

    Also, the bit's of baby clothes that I brought are things like little plain white sleepsuits and mittens. All unisex, and can be used all year round.

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  • Also, the baby clothes that I brought are things like plain white sleepsuits, and scratch mittens. All unisex, and all things that can be worn all year round.

    I didn't purposley go into the shop to get clothes for me, I went to get a little outfit for my great nephew who is being induced into the world today 4 weeks early
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    I'm getting broody but we're not going to TTC till at least a year from now (get married this Sept), I was buying a birthday present for my niece in Mothercare and on the way out got distracted by the newborn section, I considered buying the socks 'just to look at' but then gave myself a mental slap as yes, there's not much point if you're not even pregnant and even then, unfortunately you may not always end up with a baby. I personally think it's being presumptious and god forbid you can't have children then you've got all these things reminding you of that. Sorry, just my opinion xx
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    I think that is the thing that scares me. If I were to go out and buy loads of stuff what would I do if I couldn't concieve. It was just be a very painful reminder and a painful experience when i finally decided enough was enough and I had to get rid of it.
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    Hi Squirt.

    I know exactly how you feel. I am now TTC but basically since my husband and I started talking about having babies I chose the buggy I would buy etc. I knew that I would be trying soon and didn't see the harm in thinking about it. I also have a friend who used to own a baby shop and when he was closing it down I took loads of the stock of varying sizes, styles and colours and stuck it in my loft and forgot about it. As soon as we started TTC I bought tonnes of baby books and made a baby shopping list. More just to have a realistic idea of how much money to start putting away to buy everything.

    I understand why people don't but things untill the baby is either here or you are more than 12 weeks pregnant because of how hard it would be if it didn't work out, but I also believe whats ment to be will be so if you are or are not meant to have a baby, having stuff hidden away won;t make any differance.

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