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advice needed for a new mum to be...

I have spent the last 2 months planning my wedding for the end of the year (Dec 19th 09), been having a great time and have booked the venue, and I am just looking for my dress. I did notice that I was putting on a bit of weight but didn't really pay much attention to it, anyway to cut a long story short I have just found out that I am 3 months pregnant, the baby is due on the 10th sept 09. We are both really stunned, as I didn't think I could have children, but really excited. I am now worrying though that A) will I be ok to get still get married in Dec, not ever having been pregnant before I have no idea what to expect and B) everyones reaction, I am worried that they may think I am getting married too soon after having the baby and will try to put me off.

Any advice would really be appreciated, if you have been in the same position & married 3 months after giving birth please let me know if it went ok for you


  • gemmiebabygemmiebaby Posts: 1,305
    I didnt but my best friend did and she had a fantastic day. Ellie-May (her newborn) was the star of the show. This was their first baby and they were very lucky. Ellie was born in May and she got married in July so there was only 2 months in between. Anyway, congratulation pn the pg and try not to worry, it may just be that you need to think carefully about how the day will run to give you chance for a few breaks and to spend time with the little one for feeding etc. Also, there will be plenty of people willing to help out with a 3 month old and let you enjoy your day. Good Luck and Congrats again! xxx
  • noo24noo24 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the advice, I feel quite calm now, 2 months and your friend got married, that is good news for me, I have a three month gap, and you are right there will be help on the day, and I guess I just need to make sure I have breaks and yes the baby will probably be the star of the day !

    Thanks again x
  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227
    congratulations. i married a year and a half after having my baby but i would of done it sooner. i would advise organising as much of the wedding as possible before baby is born. maybe try and find a dress now before you have bump but get a fitting a month or so before wedding.

    as mrs gemmiebaby said you will have plenty of help with baby on the day and i found it lovely having my son there on my wedding day x
  • i'm not married yet but already have a child, I say sod what other people think and go for it if thats what you want to do, the advantages massively outweigh the disadvantages - you will have your maternity leave which will give you more wedding planning time, you will have no end to people wanting to help you and fuss the baby, even if you need a c-section, you should have recovered by then. Of course you will be tired of your baby is a night owl, but how proud are you going to feel on your wedding day with your little family!

    Congratulations, and enjoy your pregnancy, you will know yourself how you are with your weight, if you stay in shape easily then it may be better to choose a dress before you get your bump, otherwise you can always buy a dress a month or so after the baby is born from a department store, monsoon, somewhere lke that if you dont have your heart set on a particular dress xxx
  • noo24noo24 Posts: 15
    Thanks again for all the advice, I am going out over the next 2 weeks and am determined to find a dress ! I am going to sort out as much as I can before sept, and then I will be on maternity leave, so anything last minute things can be sorted out.

    Thanks for putting my mind at rest, just need to tell everyone now !
  • I am ttc and was getting married next year so could of just given birth anytime before wedding day, I have already picked my dress in case I couldn't later due to having a bump, I would suggest you get your dress a few sizes too big in case you put on extra weight with pregnancy so at least it can be taken in to fit you rather than buying one and not being able to get in to it after the baby is born.

    Congrats on your pregnancy x
  • Hi I have a 9 month old now and believe me when you are pregnant you expect to not be able to walk for 2 weeks after giving birth, you think your going to be tired and miserable and just want to sleep, you think that all the weight and babay bump you have wont dissappear for a year after but for some reason it was never like that. When I had Gracie I was home 4 hours after giving birth, I managed to shower myself at the hosp, eat toast and drink teas half an hour after lol. But the point im trying to make is that for about the first month you think they are so tiny, newborn etc but suddenly they just start seeming so grown up to you even though others see them still so fragile, by three months you think they are about 3 years, they gurgle, smile, and giggle and their character starts to come out. A newborn is alot of work but not as much as you imagine it to be. If you think about sleepless nights now awake at 2am, 4am and 6am you would probably swear blind after a week you can not do it anymore but you do, you cope and you get on with life, a wedding will be a nice thing to plan with your new arrival ( and now you get to buy him/her a little outfit for the big day!)

    Congratulations buy the way. And PS just a word of advice, all through my prgnancy I was freaking out about giving birth, even crying as I was so scarded of the pain, but I can promise you It wasnt half as bad as I imagined and I just wished i didnt freak out so much as you end up making yourself more scared. good luck with your wedding planning and you new little babY! so exciting. And dont get your dress too big! as dressmakers can only take them in between 2 and 3 sizes. in 6weeks I was back into my normal clothes. You should leave it until your about 6 or 7 months as It will give you a good indication what size to get, If your all bump just outwards and nothing round the sides etc you will prob be in your normal clothes quite quickly, if your baby bump is a bit more spread maybe go 1-2 sizes bigger

    Hope this helps

  • i am sure you will be fine,you should be back to your size by then.i say the only thnig is will you breast feed or bottle as that could be a problem.i breastfeed but i did use a bottle to express a few times but some babies wont take it as my son did but daughter didnt.good luck hope you have a good pregnancy.
  • noo24noo24 Posts: 15
    Thank you Lauragm, some very good advice in your reply, I think I have worried myself into a right old state ! But all the replies here have put my mind at rest, I can get the dress in th enext few weeks, and plan everything else as I would have done.

    Thanks everyone !
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