hsg help

After ttc for 2 years and a very early MC in may last year, I had HSG done on monday (day 10) which was extremely painful but only for a short time. They found a blockage in 1 of my fallopian tubes which they cleared whilst pushing the dye through, which is probably why it hurt so much. Anyway i have had (sorry if tmi) blood clots for 2 days, they seem to have stopped today. It was definately old blood. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this kind of bleeding after an HSG. I am wondering if this bleeding and the blockage was the MC. Any opions would be helpful. Thanks


  • Hi loulou, I had a HSG last year - not the nicest experience is it! I did bleed a little afterwards but ~ I began a cycle of Clomid a week later so it stopped quickly. I guess the clots could be due to the blockage being cleared - mine were clear but I was told that it's common for 'debris' to be present - usually it's just tissue. I don't think it could be the MC after all this time. Are you under a gynae clinic or ACU? It might be worth calling them and telling them. I was advised that there is a small risk of infection from the procedure which is why you get antibiotics to take. They might check you over to be sure. I'm sure all is fine though.. Good luck - keeping my fingers crossed there'll be a baby for you soon. x
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