Pregnancy Symptoms...need advice


This is my 1st month of ttc, however for the past week ive had some strange symptoms and was wondering if it is a sign that im pregnant??

Well last thurs/fri i was peeing loads then over the weekend i had stomach cramps and sore nipples and my nipples have white spots on them, and now the past 2 days ive had a brown spotting in my underwear and when i wipe (very sorry if this is tmi)

my af is due next thurs.

do you think i might be pregnant? are these signs of early pregnancy? how soon can i do a test?

please advise as im going out of my mind and wondering if its all in my head.

thanks xxx


  • Jen21ukJen21uk Posts: 71
    Hi Mrs J2Bx I dont want to say if these are symtoms or not as i dont want to be to blame if your not. But all i can do is say how i was feeling during my pregnancy.

    When i fell pregnant with my little girl i had all of those symptoms but not until around 6/7 weeks. i didnt ever experience cramping though but everyone is different image If AF is due next thurs then maybe try testing with a first response? Fingers crossed for you x
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    Honestly every one is different. Wait until AF is due, then wait a bit longer. I waited until i was 4 days late before testing and got my BFP (just yesterday) The previous month i had almost convinced myself i was and then AF arrived.

    Wait and test after she should have visited, i know its hard but if you start testing early it could become a monthly habit.

  • gemuk2gemuk2 Posts: 41

    i agree with mikijo, i waited until af was a week late before i tested even though i had symptoms, my hubby was convinced i was pregnant but i thought just late. Anyway we got our BFP on monday, on our fisrt month of ttc. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Could be, could be something else. I had several symptoms including nausea, apparently it was all caused by a uti so it might be worth getting that checked. The frequent urination could be a sign of a waterworks infection which should be treated asap.

    I do hope that's not the case but even so... worth making sure yes??

    Good luck testing on thursday or whenever you plan to test though!
  • Kelly0088Kelly0088 Posts: 89
    Hello, thank you all for your advice, well fingers crossed for Thursday, will keep you all posted xxx
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