Being induced on Wednesday - terrified!

Hi girls. I was due on 10/03/09 and so I'm now 12 days overdue and completely fed up! Saw the midwife on Friday who booked me in for an induction on Wednesday. She was hoping for monday or Tuesday but they're "fully booked" so I have to wait until Wednesday.

I am absolutely terrified. I'm worried that it means I'm going to be over by 15 days by that point, and I read they're not supposed to let you go over about 12 days. I'm worried its not going to work straight away (the midwife said that can happen) and I'm going to be in hospital for days.

I was hoping for a fairly natural birth, had my birthing ball and tens machine at the ready. I wasn't unrealistic so stayed open minded about other pain relief but preferably this is what I wanted to do. But I've also heard that induced labours are 1) more painful, and 2) longer, so its making me think I'm going to struggle. Also told by midwife that I'll not be able to walk around as much, and everyone has recommended staying active for as long as possible to help manage with the contractions.

On top of this I was also told I have low platelets, so if I bleed heavily this could be an issue. They also don't like you to have an epidural if they're too low, so if I am struggling, an epidural might not even be an option anyway. I'm also worrying that if the baby is at least 15 days overdue, he's surely going to be a larger baby? Will that mean I bleed more?

Hubby keeps telling me off for reading things and getting freaked out but TBH I feel I can't talk to my midwife so try and find the answers elsewhere. I don't have much faith in my midwife, I think she's quite unprofessional and insensitive and looks at me like I'm an idiot when I ask questions. My last 3 out of 5 appointments have been with her, and on those 3 times I've come home in tears.

Im getting very emotional all the time. The first thing my midwife said to Friday was "You've not managed it then?" which then made me start thinking, why havent I managed it yet? Why doesn't he want to come out? What's wrong with my body?

I just want my baby here image I'm fed up of feeling fat and unattractive and so bloody umcomfortable.

Has anyone had to be induced? How did you find it? x


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    I've never been induced as I had to have a c-section with my twins, but both me and my youngest sister were born 17-20 days after our due dates (and weren't big babies either)! I do know there are lots of other ways to try and bring on labour. Have you been to see a reflexologist. Apparently there are certain pressure points that link to the uterus and can get things going. I'm guessing you've tried all the other things: fresh pineapple (not tinned), curry, bumpy drives, long walks, sex, etc?!

    Ignore your midwife - you'll be seeing other midwives in the hospital. Don't take what she says to heart. I'm sure her comment on Friday was meant in a light-hearted way, rather than accusing your body of not working. Maybe take some time out to do some relaxation - a relaxed body is more likely to let the muscles take over. You never know, it may all suddenly happen before Wednesday - fingers crossed! x
  • Hi Jenny,

    I was induced in November after wanting a natural labour with no pain relief.

    I had spent months doing hypno-birthing which was the technique I would use to deal with the pain.

    I know what you're about to go through and my information/advice is as follows.

    The hormone that they feed to you on a drip is increased every hour. When they start you, You can deal without any pain relief. I started at 12 and by 6 agreed to have an epidural. They put the epidural in but it leaked and in the end I didn't get one until 12pm when I was 8 centimetres dilated (I had no other pain relief). So i virtually went through the whole thing with nothing.

    It is a lot of pain and worse that real labour. You can't walk around much due to the drip in your arm and they may want to put a clip on the baby's head to monitor their pulse, so that causes a problem.

    Personally, I really didn't want an epidural, even at about 4pm when I had started having contractions, however, the advice I would give is to have an epidural sooner rather than later. My midwife was excellent and explained to me that it would be different to natural labour.

    I eventually had my epidural at 12.30pm and by 3am it had numbed sufficiently for me to feel the contractions and to know when to push. By 6am I could walk on my own and took my own bath and everything so it doesn't last too long.

    I don't wish to burp your bubble of a natural labour, but if you prepare yourself before hand, you will be much better equipped.

    I hope I haven't scared you. If you want any more info on the technicalities let me know.

    Just a note, this was just my experience. Thanks, take care and good luck.


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    My sis had to be induced with her first baby. She had the gel stuff for her to get her going. she had that done at bout 10pm sunday night by 3am she was in proper labour and by 7 he was born. She didnt have no pain relief . She didnt like the gas and air.

    Her 2nd baby was even quicker 3 hrs and she was out.

    You will be ok, my sis hates hospitals and anything to do with medical stuff but she done really well xx
  • Being induced involves 2 things

    Firstly they will give you a pessary or the gel and will leave you for 6 hours to see if anything happens. They may do this twice or even 3 times. If you then start to have contractions, this would be considered as normal labour. All this is used for is to start the dilation of the cervix and to try and get you started.

    If nothing happens (as it didn't for me) you then get put on a hormone drip (that's what I'm talking about above).

    Just to clarify

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    try a few natural things today-pineapple,a curry and sex!!

    it started me off and i was only 5 days over due!

    in all honesty though,its horrible when your birth plan has to take a de-tour,but just think,you will soon have bubba in your arms!
  • I was induced at 36 weeks after my waters ruptured and I went into premature labour. They actually gave me an epidural before they induced because apparently contractions come on so hard and so fast they didn't think i'd cope (I was already becomming violent toward the midwife lol)

    It was quite good though. I was a little dissapointed I didn't get to try a birthing ball or a tens machine or anything like that but in the end, I actually rather enjoyed the whole ordeal once they gave me sufficient pain meds heh.

    It's hard to say how any one person will react to being induced. Some say it's horribly painful and others have trouble progressing etc. Me? I had a perfect induction actually. The midwife put the drip in, told me to get some sleep and that she'd be back at about 4 to see how I was doing (it was 10 am at this point)

    By midday I was well aware I wasn't going to sleep and I was also overcome with this strange pressure. Had I not had an epi, i'm sure the urge to push would have been there to. Thankfully the midwife appeared to see if I wanted a cup of tea (lol) and I told her I felt odd. She ummed and ahhed about doing an internal because it's "not protocol to do more than neccisary" but my partner and I insisted. Sure enough, I was fully dialated and the baby was COMMING DAMNIT.

    I pushed for 20 minutes, which was more that good going given they always say epidurals slow labour (HAH! I dread to think what my labour would have been like if that's true!)

    I could feel tightnings and the most bizzare sensation of my son's head engaging into my pelvis (my goodness it's a strange feeling and I think most often not noticed because the pain overrides it) but I felt no pain at all. I itched all over (A side effect of the epi they NEVER tell you about!) but nothing hurt.

    It was grand, I could tell when to push by simply putting one hand on my belly.

    Only scary part, the epi started to wear off as the midwife was stitching me AHHH! I was so scared it would suddenly give out totally and i'd feel every stitch. As it was, i just felt occassional little pricks but it was bearable.

    My brithplan pretty much got thrown out the window thanks to my little boy's early arrival but I don't regret a moment of it. I suppose I went in with so few expectations and knowing that in the end, the most important thing was that my little boy was healthy. Really, after your little one is in your arms, nothing else matters.

    Take care of yourself, eat a spicy curry and have some sex. Even if it doesn't work, at least it's fun yes? lol.

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    hi,i have been induced with both of my children.with my son i was in labour two days an was told to stay on the bed an i wasnt gonna tell them i didnt want to as i was new to it all,i didnt have a good labour with him.but with my daughter i was in labour 2 hours an 17 mins.i used a birthing ball an gas an ar with her an it was the best experience with her.i was told it is more painfull being induced but i havent gone into labour naturally so i couldnt say.just tell them what you want,they do montor you more but you can request just to listern to heart beat when needed an not all the time an they will do waters were broken with both of the also.
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    hi it has been alonggggggggg time ago now my boys are 13 and 12, and at the mo ttc again, i was induced with both my boys, my first was the most painful but that was back he was in posterior position (his spine against mine)

    i did have epidural with my first as i was so tense but on my second i had just gas and air, i'm sorry i don't want to scare you but giving birth is very painful whether induced or not, as i had 2 induction i have never had anything different, i only needed 1 gel both times and labour started straight away. my first labour was 16 hour second for 6 hours, you will be fine i'm sure, believe me when you hold your baby for the first time it wont matter how he/she was born, good luck and all the best xx
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    Hey! first thing do not worry! i was booked in to be induced with the second baby and he arrived the day before i was meant to go in, i was 10 days overdue. i completly know where you are coming from when you say you're scared. so many people had told me horror stories about being induced (inc. my MIL!) that when my midwife booked me in a sheer look of panic went over me and she went over EVERY thing with me. get your midwife to do the same, and make sure she is completly honest with you. mine told me that being induced is made to be as natural as possible, and yes it can drag out the first stage but the second stage shouldnt be any longer! pain relief is on tap, and make the most of it!

    Best of luck for wednesday....but my mum always says when babies hear the words 'being induced' they tend to appear lol! well it worked for me. you still have a few days hopefully baby will suprise you! you can actually refuse to be induced, but after 21 days they have to induce you (not sure i could have gone that long!) xxxx
  • I was enduced with my second, I had the gel and pessary at 6pm and a drip, given a sleeping tablet at 1am as i was too nervouse to sleep, woke up at 4.30am midwife told me i wasn't in labour, I said I was. at 5.30am I asked for some pethadine, she again said i wasn't in labour but got the injection and checked me anyway, from then it all happened in a blur, probably from the pethadine, but healthy baby girl was born at 6.10am.

    I was only in pain from 4.30 and only really bad towards the end.

    I cant say there was any difference at all between that labour and the first non induced one.

    try not to worry, you never know whats going to happen till you get there, and you might start before then anyway, good luck x xx
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    im guessing you have your little bundle now! so congratulations!!hope it all went well xxx
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