Have been prescribed bed rest :-(

I have been prescribed bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy (I'm still only 27 weeks).

The other day, I was physically and emotionally exhausted from just having got up to make a cup of tea, and I knew that wasn't right. Off I went to the doctor, who had me admitted me to hospital for a check up, and they said they're worried about the stress my pregnancy is causing to my body and ordered bed rest. I tried to argue, but they said if I continue to force myself to do things, I could increase the risk of pre-term labour and they said "you obviously don't want that do you?" I know I'm at a higher risk of pre-term labour anyway, with it being twins, so I gave up the fight then.

My mum has moved in to help out around the house and to look after me. I feel awful, as today is Mother's Day, and yet she's having to look after me. I shall make it up to her once T & E are here.

Poor Isaac is incredibly worried/stressed. He runs a graphic design business with two friends from university, and they're currently undertaking a huge project for a big multinational company, so he doesn't need me adding to his worries. I told him to focus on the work, as my mum will look after me well, but I know he feels like it should be him.

I often joke it would be "great to stay in bed all day", but now I'm pretty much confined to my bed all day because I have to be, and I'm bored out of my mind.

I know it's the best thing for me and my babies, but still, it's so boring. And I'm only two days in. How am I going to cope for what could be another 3 months?!

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  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    Hun I really feel for you! But its the best thing... Have you joined tamba yet? Their chatroom was brilliant when I was pregnant with the girls, and was a great 'time waster' for the hours I spent at home on maternity leave.

    Other things to do:

    Make a list of lots of books to read, ask Isaac to pick them up from the library and start working your way through them!

    Internet shopping (if you've got any baby bits still to get?)

    Craft projects - make some birth announcements ready for the vital details to be inserted.

    Have friends come over for a cup of coffee (although get them to put the kettle on and do the making!)

    And if all else fails - come on here and have a whinge. We're only too happy to try and cheer you up!!! x
  • olisseolisse Posts: 1,280
    Make sure you have your laptop with internet connection and get all the fiddly wedding bits planned too!
  • Aww sweetie, I know it must be boring as sin, but it's definately for the best. Would just second what Windsor has said above, you could also create yourself a mini-timetable type thing.


    9am- shower and change pj's and have some breakfast.

    10am- watch a dvd (get issac to get some or sign upto lovefilm.com)

    12pm- lunch and chat with mum for a bit.

    1pm- craft project time

    2pm- read a novel youve been dying to sink your teeth into (again issac's dept! lol)

    I know this might seem a tad boring but it was just to give you an idea of how you could plan things so you know exctly what you're doing that day. having things to look forward to always makes time go quicker and if you fancied it, learning to knit could be megs handy (if you dont already know how) so you could make blankets, cardigans/jumpers as you're definitely gonna need them with twins!

    Where abouts are you based?

    Above all, keep smiling honey. 3 months will go fairly quick and then you'll have not 1 but 2 little bundles of joy that will make all this worth while!

  • Racheybabes22Racheybabes22 Posts: 1,564
    Cressy you will do as ordered god damn it! lol

    Im so pleased for u by the way! Bit of a surprise eh!

    Just relax and chill, its best thing for u, babies, issac and ure mum. Get lots of books, movies and especially internet! Also what about sitting learning to knit or do a manicure. You will find things to do, i know what its like lying in bed for years.

    It will all be over before you know it.

    Racey! Lol xxx
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Aaaw hun!!! I feel for you really I do...

    Definitely stock up on books and dvds(and internet!) to keep you entertained!!!

    You could give blogging a go too maybe?? Let it all out on cyberspace image

  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    Thanks girls. I knew you'd be able to cheer me up and raise a smile.

    MissAnnie - I like the idea of blogging. "Confessions of a bed bound woman who is the size of a house." ROFL!

    Hmm - I shall explore that further - and if I do set up a blog, I'll post the link here!

    WindsorB2B - I haven't joined Tamba yet - but no excuse not to now, as I've got plenty of time!
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    Tamba will be brill - there are bound to be other women who have been bed bound for the latter months of their pregnancy who can share their words of wisdom!
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    Mrs racheybabes idea of learning to knit is brill, you could make little booties and blankets for the twins.... also as everyone is saying stock up on dvds, books etc and i`m sure we can come up with several sites for wasting time. how about entering loads of online comps... you never know what you might win... x x
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