Pregnacare-to take or not to take??

Hey ladies, i get married in July and we have decided i will come off the pill straight after we get back from honeymoon.

I have been to the doctors and they have done a blood test to check my rubella status and told mesome advice like folic acid for 3 months before trying etc.

The thing thats confusing me is the nurse said to not take multivitamins as it can give you too much vitamins that are not good for trying to concieve.

I then spoke to my friend who now has an 8 month old and she advised i take pregnacare before trying-she said it was a multivitamin...... my question is-do i take them or do i not????


  • kim07ukkim07uk Posts: 153
    The reason healthcare profs often advise against a 'general' multivit is because they contain vit A which, in the wrong quantities, can be harmful to foetus. Pregnacare is suitable to be taken though.
  • I'm not a helath care prof but I'd definately be starting on the pregnacare. As Kim says, the multivit issue is to do with vitamin A. Pregnacare contains folic acid *and* vitamins (and maybe other nutrients too - Iron? - you'll need to check the pack).
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    General multi-vats are bad as they contain levels for the day-to-day adult requirement, but someone ttc, or even just preparing themselves for ttc will require a slightly different balance which can be found in pregnacare, etc. TBH, my midwife said that you didn't really need to take a special pregnancy multi-vit if you're eating a healthy balanced diet, but that the folic acid was essential. I took pregnacare once into my 2nd trimester and actually took pregnacare plus (comes with a second capsule of essential fish oils)...
  • Sorry, can i just ask - so do you take folic acid as well as pregnacare? Or is it just pregnacare on its own that you take if it contains folic acid?
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    i've looked and pregnacare has folic acid in it so i don't think we need to take folic acid aswell.

    I've looked on the boots website and there's different kinds of pregnacare-normal and conception. the normal can be taken before conception so now i'm confused again!! god this pregnancy planning stuff is not that simple....image
  • Personally, and i dont want anyone to take offence, I think they are all unnecessary, if you eat well and have a balanced diet you ahould have no need to take anything.

    It really makes me angry how these companied make fortunes guilting people into buying unnecessary things. Its the same with the baby products, iv had an argument with hubby over minitors with cameras on, its his first and he says he'd feel really bad if something happened because we hadn't spent the money on these things. I think its awfull that manufacturers make people feel this way.

    rant over.......just to add i'm not against people taking vitamins etc, just dont like people being ripped off x
  • iansprincess, I totally agree about the profiteering but health professionals do recommend folic acid, as it's pretty much impossible to get the amount needed from even the best of diets.

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  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    My doctor advised me just to take folic acid and not to bother with all the other stuff on the market.

    I got some from Boots when they were doing 3 for 2.
  • fairythaliafairythalia Posts: 1,476 New bride
    I'm taking the TESCO own brand version of pregnacare. Its a third of the price but same ingrediants including folic acid! x
  • think i got a bit carried away there, no definatly take folic acid but you only need it for the first 3 months and a supermarket own brand is about £3 and will last all of that. what bothers me is how women feel pressured into taking products like pregnacare all the way through the pregnancy when they probably dont need half of whats in it anyway. definatly didn't mean not to take folic acid as thats actually needed. I take iron syrup too although that was prescribed by the ante natal clinic. I've got nothing against people taking anything though really, I just think its such a shame that so many companies exploit parents as they know we always want to do whats best for our children. x
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I'm taking Tesco's own folic acid which my nurse advised and is also cheaper than pregnacare.

    I'm not going to ttc until Dec and the nurse said to start taking it as soon as i stopped the injection a month a go as it a vitamin which is good for you so i have already started taking them
  • I've heard of some people getting feeling sick etc when taking pregnacare but for me personally they're fine. I've been taking them forever - used to forget them now & then before I gat pregnant but even since I suffered a m/c I take them religiously. I get mine from Chemistdirect,com/ (don't remember which it is) much cheaper than Boots etc. I do think the different types they bring out can sway you, they do separate ones for trying to conceive & breastfeeding now, I just get the original as they cover pre-conception, during pregnancy and breast feeding. x
  • Becki_gukBecki_guk Posts: 331
    oh right-i know Boots have 90 tablets for £8ish. maybe i'll look into Tesco's brand......or maybe just folic acid....
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    i used to vomit like anything when taking pregnacare.
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    just to add, i havent taken anything with either of mine, i was told to take pregnacare when my bump measured up too small. as iansprincess says, eat healthily!
  • Radkad78Radkad78 Posts: 427
    I'm taking Tesco own too - I was disgusted at the price of Pregnacare actually and do agree with Iansprincess about it - total rip off!

    We are TTC at moment and am really trying to eat healthy and bulk up with the folic acid enriched foods but I have such rubbish will power (proved that by not losing the weight for my dress - well 2lbs haha) but am hoping once I do become pregnant the knowledge I have a little life in me will hopefully make sure I stay away from the rubbish I can't stop to seem eating now.......put that down to coming of the pill??!!!!

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