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mother had prolapse bladder should i be worried?

My dotor was less than helpful

I am really worried as my mother had prolapse and I heard it was hereditary.

i have always needed the loo a lot anyway and now worrying about birth!

any advice anyone?


  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Hi hun,

    Firstly, dont panic! A prolapsed bladder, or cystocele, is not neccessarily hereditary, so just because your mum had one, it doesnt mean you will. The reason they say it is hereditary is because your skin, like your mum's, may not be as "elastic" as other people. Its sort of the same principle with stretchmarks, if your skin isnt as elastic you may well get them, and this can run in families too!

    A prolapse happens when the walls of the vagina are stretched during childbirth etc, and if you don't do your pelvic floor exercises, the skin down there will stay stretched and not toned. This in turn can cause your bladder to "fall" and push against your vaginal wall inside, as it is not supported by the muscles surrounding it. This would then cause you to feel a lump in your front vaginal wall, where your bladder is pressing against it, and sometimes if severe this lump can protrude out of your vaginal opening. Cystoceles can cause problems with not being able to hold your wee, when coughing, sneezing etc, and also the need to go to the toilet urgently instead of being able to hold it until you find a loo!

    The best thing you can do to prevent a prolapse is to DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES!!! I really can't stress that enough, it will keep the muscles strong and prevent anything from happening. Prolapses are most common if you have big babies or after having a few children, but even then it can be prevented by pelvic floor exercises. They only take a couple of minutes a day to do, and thats better than having hours of physio & surgery to sort the problem out!

    Hope that helps a bit xxxxx
  • libbylou85libbylou85 Posts: 779
    my mum suffered from prolapse, and my sister had one after her last child, its not nice at all, and im glad i will never know how it feels as i have only given birth very prematurely once, and had a c section with my son, and have choosen to have sections with any other children, i still did my pelvic floor exercises though as i had a weakish bladder for a few weeks after birth as i had a cathater for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy, so i had to re learn how to pee lol, very strange sensations lol.

    i would talk to a consultant who has experience of this and see what they say, but in out family it is hereditry so i would bet that you are at a higher risk.
  • fairythaliafairythalia Posts: 1,476 New bride
    Same in our family, My Grandma and Mum both had prolapse.

    After my first baby I had a very slight prolapse, but because I was so young (20) they said they didn't want to do anything invasive until I'd stopped having children. After my second baby, I had physiotherapy, which might sound strange but it is basically about the pelvic floor and working it. Just like crazzywoo said, the best thing is prevention, DO PELVIC FLOOR exercises BEFORE you give birth!!

    As a result I have suffered with slight stress incontinence when laughing, sneezing, etc but it's not that bad when I'm lighter in weight. I found that when I was larger and heavier it was more of a problem and put the bladder under greater strain. Keep your BMI healthy and keep doing pelvic floors and you should reduce the probability of getting a prolapse by a heck of a lot!

  • bev10bev10 Posts: 1

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