Does anyone else get?.........

Really horny when they get their period? I always do. Am i weird??

I was wondering if its coz all the extra hormones like progsterone are leaving body. Please tell me someone else does!! Lol

Totally random subject but i need a giggle. Lol



  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Youre not weird at all Rachey!! Im rapant during the time of the month and hubbie wont come near me!! He doesnt like the mess!! haha!! Whats that all about? I have to deal with the mess at all other times! Selfist B*stard!! haha!!

  • You are not alone, I also get horny when af is in town!
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    mrs paula pmsl at your post, not good when i actually needed a wee wee lol.... i am randy all the time lol. poor hubby he looks so knackered at times lol...
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    I get super horny a couple of days before AF due and right in middle of cycle when OV. I just want to jump on him all the time when in middle of cycle.

    Its all those hormones, we don't stand a chance and neither do our OH.

  • YES YES YES! I put it down to knowing I can't have it lol.
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I'm the same x
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    im with mikijo just a few days before does it for me!
  • Racheybabes22Racheybabes22 Posts: 1,564
    TINKSY! Lol, i never see lindsay or cressy on this anymore!. 6 months to go eh!! Exciting!

    glad im not alone!! xxx

  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    hehe rachey i havent spoken to them for ages, my laptop broke so im only online at work or if ians not around! xx
  • Racheybabes22Racheybabes22 Posts: 1,564
    Oh no!!! Thats crap. I need to start mailig people more. Like i had no idea cressy was having twins! So pleased for her. Wish it was me tho!

    Me and James all ready to have family. xxx
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    we are wanting one, got a few months to wait before we can start trying however it all depends on ians job as he might have to train away for 6 months and im not sure i want him to miss all of pregnancy/some of the baby growing up x
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