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not sure

not sure what to do ladies my period was due yesterday and its a no show. been feeling sick since monday and this morning its quite bad can't face any breakfast. I feel too nervous to do a test as I dont want to be disappointed. haven't told my husband as I dont want to get his hopes up.


  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Hi Kirsty, First and foremost try and not worry too much! Do you have any plain biscuits in your cupboards? If so have a plain bickie and hopefully it should stop you feeling sick. Also maybe you should do a test, that way it will put your mind at ease and youll know eitherway!

    Wishing you good luck and thinking of you!

  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    hi kirsty, i too was due af yesterday and no show, my boobs are tender, i really want it to be bfp, but i am going to leave it till next tuesday before i test, as only came off pill on 5th feb last af was 26 th feb, so leaving it a while, i dont want to test in case its bfn, good luck, let us know how it goes f you test
  • thanks ladies my periods have been smack on 30 days since october, came off the pill in july whilst on honeymoon so it took a while for them to kick back in. I was having a few cramps on monday/tuesday so thought af was coming. although they werent as bad as previous months. going to go get a test at lunchtime dont want to think about it too much in case I'm wrong. will keep you posted xx
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Maybe you should wait to test till your first wee tomorrow morning!! xx
  • yeah maybe I just want to know its so frustrating xx
  • Hi Kirsty, I would be like you and get frustrated waiting to test!! Maybe buy a pack of two and then you could do one today and if its a bfn, you could wait til tomorrow morning and do another? That is just me being impatient though! Good luck, hope you get the result you want xxx
  • I didn't show positive until a while after period was due so get a couple and do one next week if its bfn good luck x
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    my-angel-jiyah completely agree i was the same its been 13 and 12 yrs ago, but with both my boys i tested bfn and then waited and then boobs became painful and did another test a week after and with both of them it was bfp, i am now in same situation as kirsty, my af was due yesterday i have boobs that are bit tender and im weeing for england, and today i feel so sick. but i am putting off the test for while and seeing what happens, as only came off pill in feb so could be nothing
  • well ladies did a test earlier and there was a faint line but not fully down if you see what I mean. so I'm going to do another one first thing in the morning. just gone back to it now to show my hubby and there is a faint line all the way down. very confused but fingers crossed xx
  • angelmccannangelmccann Posts: 728
    oh fingers crossed for you Kirstym1.......

    me and h2b trying at moment,i know how frustrating it can be!!!

    i was due on monday but not getting hopes up yet as i have pcos and i'm not normally regular.

    am sending you good vibes xx
  • BFP !!!!!!!!! It came up in the window within seconds OMG in shock but so happy. thank you ladies for all your advice xx
  • congrats! Im 15+6 weeks now you can look forward to morning sickness!!!
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Congratulations! That great news!

    Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy. xxxxxx
  • Yay!! Congratulations, I'm very happy for you xx
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    Congratulations xx
  • thank you ladies feel very giddy today now xx
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