Flying while preggas


Just come off the pill last week to just see what happens and not take ttc too seriously. Anyway we really want to go on a hol at the end of june so i was wondering what the thought on flying were while pregnant?

Who knows whether i will be pregnant by then but it is a possibility. I just wondered whether it was a problem.

Thanks Guys!


  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    No - shouldn't be a problem at all early on, and you can fly right up to around 28/29 weeks, although it depends on the airline.

    Have a look here for further infor:

    Hope this helps.
  • most airlines will let u fly up to 28wks - but check with the actual airline as their policies vary. i had to get a fit to fly letter from my gp b4 i flew at 24 weeks x
  • fairybellefairybelle Posts: 288
    also check your insurance policy as well, as they will only cover you up to around 26-28 weeks.
  • goosemanukgoosemanuk Posts: 297
    I have just got back from our last childless holiday in the Caribbean and I am 22 weeks pregnant. I found the return flight a bit more uncomfortable than going out, but I don't think that's unusual for a East to West flight pregnant or not. I walked around lots and drank lots and lots and lots of water.

    However, everyone is different, I'm very lucky in not feeling at all sick in my pregnancy, and if you are, you may not fancy flying at all.

    Book it a bit last minute and you can see how you feel. image
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    I'm 5 weeks and flying to Australia this coming Wednesday. I guess if you are having morning sickness it would be rather nasty. and the bigger you get the more uncomfortable you could be.

    Best freind flew from and to Australia at 5 months and 6 months. She was fine.
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    I was advised not to fly in my first trimester, and to avoid it completely in my third. Something to do with the pressure change and risk of DVT. And whether you can deal with the discomfort/little plane loos, etc.
  • KazhugKazhug Posts: 191
    Most airlines let you fly till 28wks no probelm. Best to check with airline what their restrictions are and if u need a letter saying fit to fly and if so who from Gp/Midwife.
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