Which test and where to get them cheap?!


I'm new to the Y&YB area and looking for advice please. I'm not TTC just yet, we were waiting until after we get married in May and had paid off last bit of wedding/honeymoon debt. As such, I'm still on the pill (cerazette). However about 3 weeks ago I forgot to take it and it was only when I came to take the next one that I realised so was a full day late. Unfortunately (?) h2b and I had done the deed in that time. Now I'm getting PMT like symptoms, stomach cramps, back ache as well as pain in my boobs. I don't have periods with the pill I'm on so that adds extra confusion. I know only missing one pill is unlikely to result in pregnancy but I would like to check. I took last pill in that packet yesterday.

My question is which test would you recommend and any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks x


  • p_w_wp_w_w Posts: 208
    One test is much like another - usually 99% accurate, which means that if it says positive you are, but negative you'd do well to test again after 3 days and still no preiod.

    If money is tight and you're not worried about all singing all dancing, go to Wilkos. They do tester strips for about £3 or £4. You don't pee on them like Clear blue, but sit them in a beaker of your own pee instead. Simple to use, but not something you wave at people and say look I'm pregnant! image)

  • Thanks. Money isn't tight, I just don't want to spend much on what I expect will be a negative result. Althought, I'd love it to be positive.

    Not sure I'd want to wave anything that I'd wee'd on at someone anyway!
  • i got tests from the pound shop coz i was useing them pretty much everyday around my period. I got a posative at 3 1/2 weeks, then did a first response which cost me £13 just to check, but it was right. i'd really recomend them especially if your going to be testing unnecesserily like i was!
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    Yeh I d say pundland or 99p shop. I got told that's the ones they use at hospitals.

    !st time I thought I was. Spent a fortune on the more expensive ones. They seems to harder to read too.

    When I found out I was pregnant I d just bought a cheap one in the states. Then when that was positive got the more expensive one.

    Hope everything works out.

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    Poundland one's work as well as any other ,I saw in superdrug the other day they were doing 2 for £5 which is very good for the poas type image

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    Your Dr'd surgery will probably do one which is free. But pretty much all the retail one's are the same so just pick up any one!
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