YAY! Ive packed my hospital/labour bag!!

Hello ladies!

Ive just finished packing my hospital/labour bag today! Yes, it is very early (I am only 25 weeks pregnant!), but I feel it is better to be organised!

With my last pregnancy, I had alot of problems with bleeding etc, and was in and out of hospital a fair bit, often having to stay for a couple of days each time.

Typically, the bleeding would happen in the middle of the night, and as well as having to phone h2b's parents or my parents to drive the 20 minutes to our place to look after the children who were asleep in bed, I'd be rushing around trying to stuff my belongings into a bag to take with me, at the same time as worrying about the bleeding etc. I'd then spend the next day or so having to tell people where my spare pyjamas and clothes were etc.

So this time, my bag is all ready at the end of our bed, if I do get a problem all I have to do is pick it up, not worry about packing etc. Hopefully nothing will happen, and if it doesnt, well my bag will be ready for when I go into labour!

Feel alot better for it too - you can never be too organised! xxxxx


  • i think its great that you are already prepared. Im 30weeks pregnant and havent yet done my bag. Your making me want to get it sorted lol, i already have a little boy so i suppose you do need to be more prepared. My 1st labour was pretty quick aswell and ive been told it may be even quicker.

    congrats hun

    kirsty x
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Thank you! Congrats to you too!

    All of my labours have got shorter over time, so yes yours may be too - it does tend to go that way.

    And we've moved house now so are half an hour more away from the hospital as we were with the other 3 children- hope I make it there on time hehe!!

    Good luck! xxx
  • woo hoo, thats so exciting, i cant wait to pack my bag. im 18 weeks tomorrow and have to restrain myself from buying nappies and nipple pads. it'll only annoy me when i have stuff all over the house! cant wait ill next scan then its going to be spend spend spend!

    hope you dont need the bag till the big event, good luck x
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    Do you get told what to pack in to your hospital bag? Otherwise i can see that i'd be just stood there thinking and probably panicking about what to take lol.

    Not even ttc yet but just something that cam into my head when i read this.

    Cazzywoo - always good to be organised
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I think the midwives give you a sheet with what things to pack, and it also lists things in the pregnancy book you are given by the midwife when you have your booking appointment.

    But to be honest, you don't need masses of stuff. Some women turn up at the hospital with a massive suitcase with all the things in! The midwives where I work tell them to take out the belongings they need and to take the big suitcase back out to the car, as its a trip hazard havng massive bags lying around!

    Mine is in a small weekend type bag/holdall, and thats got all I need for me, baby and labour and afterwards!

  • DragonMummyDragonMummy Posts: 449
    pmsl - I spent ages packing mine - in the end we didnt use any of it - sent my OH home with all my gear and instructions to return with 200 pairs of pyjamas and enormous cotton knickers! Oh and bottled water. And a packed lunch!
  • jojoberriesjojoberries Posts: 1,037
    i'm 37 weeks and still havent finished mine!! When i was 20 odd weeks i wanted to do it all... sort moses basket and bag and house out... now i am ready to drop i havent got the energy and just want to get baby out!!!!!!!

    Greta that your organised and it helps knowing that your ready if you do go into labour early!

    Might try and finish mine this weekend!

    good luck ladies. xx
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Get on with it jojoberries it could be any day now........hehe!! Especially as it isnt your first!

    I can't wait to get to the stage you are at now - I'm being started off at 39 weeks and can't wait! 14 weeks just seems so long away right now! xxxxx
  • jojoberriesjojoberries Posts: 1,037
    yeah i know what you mean. Its a bit of a waiting game at the min... My mind is playing tricks on me too!! i keep feeling twinges but then when i get into bed i sleep and then its morning and i obviously havent gone into labour!!! But kinda wishing i had!

    14 weeks will go quick really.... Are you organised??
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    You poor thing, I know only too well what thats like! When I get to the last month or so of pregnancy I drive my h2b insane with every little twinge and cramp I get, he's forever saying "is it today?", and I reply "yes, it could be", its become a bit of a joke now cos we say it nearly every day for 3 weeks or so, and then when it really is time he just laughs and doesnt believe me!

    Is your daughter excited? Do you know what you are having?

    I think I am more or less organised. I havent got the moses basket or double buggy back down from the loft just jet, but they're up there ready for when I need them. And we've more or less got everything else from the other children, although I have splashed out on a few new unisex outfits too! xxxx
  • jojoberriesjojoberries Posts: 1,037
    Haha!! I'm doing the same i have spent the past 3 days saying.... oh i'm getting pains.. and my husband kepts saying oh god is it coming now?

    unfortuanatly my grandad died 3 days ago and i am spending alot of time traveling to and from london to sort stuff and we are preparing for a possiable moterway birth!

    My daughter is very excited! she is waiting very patiently! she keeps kissing my belly!

    We dont know what we are having as this is my husbands first so its a suprise!!!!!!!

    Its so exsiting but it is so scary too!! You had any worrys so far???? xxx
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Sorry to hear about your grandad hun. Just make sure you take your maternity notes with you when travelling up and down the motorway!

    Ah bless your daughter! My 2 eldest felt the baby kicking just before the weekend, they really loved it, my 3 year old was fascinated! One of them wants a brother and the other a sister. Our youngest is 18 months, he obviously doesnt have a clue whats going on!

    We havent really had any worries as such, my only worry is getting into my wedding dress afterwards! Ive got 3 months to do it, but should be OK. Ive put on 8lb so far, was really worrying about it at first but now Ive relaxed a little, the weight is inevitable really!! xxxx
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