How long for body to get back to normal after pill

hi all, i am ttc, i came off norgeston mini pill on 5th feb 09, it was the pill you don't have a break from and i didn't have any af while on it. my first af showed up on 26th feb i use to have regular 28 day cycle, so i would have been due 25th march, but it hasnt arrived, i have been having tender boobs, and felt bit sick but i tested this morning and got a bfn, ??? so i was wondering others that had come off the pill how long did it take for your cycle to get back to normal? thank you janine


  • takes 7 days for a pill to come out of your system. i got that from my doctor! i thought it was a lot longer as had heard from various sources it could take 6 months. he told me absolute rubbish. takes 7 days. if you think about, it can't take very long otherwise how would some women get pregnant when they miss 1 or 2 pills? makes sense
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    Oh mrs booty i would wait a few days fingers crossed!
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    I was preggers 3 months after coming off the pill. was on it for about 7 years!
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    thanks for the replies, hi mrs til, i am hoping that it is like i had with my boys and get a bfp after another week of getting bfn. i cant understand if it doesnt take long to come out of system why do af take so long to get back to normal? cos i use to have af every 28 days im on day 30 now and no sign at all. thanks for all the advice ladies
  • Everybody is different I have only just started again after 6 months of being of the pill not ttc but came off the pill for to hopefully loose weight, doctors say it takes 0-6 months (h2b is a doctor, I trust his word) after finishing the pill to get back to normal, after that they will investigate, and what do you know i was 6 months to the day!!! typical!

    Best of luck and hope you have success soon x
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    thanks mrs sykes2be, can i ask in that 6 months you had no af then? i have had one after 21 days of stop taking the pill i had a af for 6 days, but then nothing now when it has been a month now,
  • I stopped beginning of september, had af on the 23rd september, then nothing until 23rd of march and still am, I was glad because i thought something was seriously wrong when it got to 5 months, went to doctors had some blood test and waitng for hosp appointment for an ultra sound. I think its PCOS if not then it will be because i have changed diet, lost weight, getting married, not liking job, where we live, stress that kind of thing. All that sort of stuff stops your cycle too

    If i were you I wouldn't worry every one cycle is different to the one you have on the pill, but i have also heard of people getting pregnant immediatley by just missing one pill x
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    i want to get pg so bad, so frustrating, i suppose time will tell. with my boys i got bfn when i was first late and then just over a week late i would get bfp, so i am hoping its a case of this. if not hope af returns soon,

    can i ask another question - if your af havent returned to normal cycle every month, does this mean i can't get pg?
  • Hi I was on the same pill I came off it around 22 months ago. In the whole time I only had 2 afs. I was always regular b4 taking this pill.

    Im now 16 weeks pregnant! It just took 18 months to get there!!!
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    My first af took 35 days then 32 days then 38 days! I am now on cd33 had high hopes and felt really positive this month BUT feel like the af is coming! I hope I am wrong but not thinking so image in a really fed up mood today spent last night crying myself to sleep for no good reason (I had convinced myself this was the month got spots all over my face which I NEVER get and have had itchy nipples-you cant imagine any of those things!) anyway maybe just not meant to be this month....AGAIN!
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    gosh shepherdyyvonne i hope it doesn't take me 18 months as i am nearly 36 now. can you remember how long your first af came after stopping this pill, you are the only other person i know that has been on same pill.

    tiger2004 fingers crossed for you, when is your af due this month?
  • My first af came as normal then nothing for months of course af then decided to come when I was in Jamaica getting married a few days after the wedding though thankfully!! Then nothing for a couple of months till I done a pregnancy test as I felt pregnant. I was only only on the pill for 6 months.
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    i was on depo injection b4 this pill then norgeston from sept 07 till 5th feb, i am feeling sick have heartburn which i never have, have tender boob, my left one weird. did you have all this? sorry for all the questions xxxx i got married in cuba how was jamacia for getting married?
  • I had the same symptoms you have plus all my joints ached. They still do I feel like an old woman!!! I had my little boy just over 2 half years ago and I cant remember what I was on before hand.

    Jamaica was amazing!! I love it so much the people are really friendly its roasting and its really family friendly. Since getting home my little boy runs about the place shouting yeah mon and giving everyone 5 which they do alot there. I dream about being there all the time I hate waking up to discover im in freezing cold Scotland! We were just about to book up for this october when I found out I was pregnant. So it ll need to be next year now!
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    so the symptoms i am feeling are just from coming off pill. image i so hope to get a bfp, but i think i know i wont be. i want it so bad, did your periods become regular for you to get pg, or was there no af back and you just got pg? cuba was lovely too, only me and hubby went tho, i have a severely autistic son and another son, i met my hubby with my boys so we wanted to go on our own for the first time of spending some time together went to a adult only hotel it was so beautiful,
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    booty 33 aka mrs green if I go by my average of 35 days then I am due Mon/Tues however I didnt ov until Sunday so I really have no idea now when to expect af! Didnt realise it would be so complicated image
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    tiger2004 you and me both, i had 2 boys in 13 months 13 and 12 yrs ago, and i got pregnant so quick and easy, now i know that it is early days for me and this is only our first month of trying, but i did expect either to get bfp or bfn and af, not bfn and no af. i ov on day 14 so that would say 28 day cycle but im on cd 31 today and still no sign, i am so tired keep falling asleep i never done that, my left boob is so tender, i feel sick, but feel starving. i just don't get it, i will test again next week at the end of next week if still bfn, i wont offically ttc until periods come back to normal. i am 36 in june i desperately want a baby with my husband, it is his first child. altho he sees my boys as his own. will this be your first?
  • If your not pregnant and your not having periods its probaby because you haven't ovulated, so in my case for 5 months i didn't ovulate so wouldn't be able to get pregnant but must of ovulated on the 6 month because I have af therefore i could of got pregnant, hope that helps/makes sense x
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    hi mrs sykes2be, yes it does make sense but i did ovulate on day 14 i had ov strips so dont know where af is?
  • Oh I confused you they were symptoms I had when I thought I was pregnant!! As soon as I got my af back that was it became pregnant straight away It just took along time for them to come back! I hope you get a bfp!
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    oh, shepherdyyvonne, believe me it doesnt take alot to confuse me lol.... i just had a shower and my boob is soooooooo tender, but different to when i had boys when i had them it was painful there is just tender. felt tired and quite sick all day. spoke to a friend of mine earlier who has 9 weeks left. and she said she had 5 negatives and then left it but just knew she was, did another test weeks later and go positive she was 9 weeks when she found out. but i don't want to get my hopes up, im going to try and just forget about it, bd when ever we do, which is often we always have so no difference there image and just wait and see i guess, nothing else we can do. good luck with your pg, has the symptoms stopped for you now?
  • No I still feel like an old woman all my joint ach and im still being sick, I was sick up untill 22 weeks with my little boy. I get really sore heads too. Pregnancy doesnt agree with me I was in and out of hospital in my last trimester the last time round as my heart was beating so fast but I was feeling great at the time I didnt know what all the fuss was about. Its worth it at the end of the day this will be my last one tho.
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    i loved being pg, i so hope i am, i am going to do another test on 5th april that will be nearly 2 weeks after i tested last, if its still bfn i will just carry on as we am and hope soon i get bfp, x this i think will be my last time of getting pg, we i will be 36 soon, plus dont have room or monty for more than 3 children, altho i would love twins
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