New to all this - Abreivations Help!

Hi All,

I got married last month and came off the pill after the party and have been trying to concieve just a very short while - so in essence either due on this Monday or not as the case may be!

I'm not overly worried if we haven't concieved just yet as been on the pill for 15 years now so probably will take my body a while to adjust - which is fine!

What I seem more worried about is when I read through peoples threads (some have been really helpful to me already - thank-you) I feel a bit silly as I don't know what some of the abrieviations mean and think surely as a woman I should know?!:\?

TTC I know but am I silly not to know AF or having a mind blank to what it is?! lol

Please can someone fill me in on some abreivations as I would be truly grateful...........Thank-you xxxxx


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    Hi Radkad

    I was the same reading through this topic! So don't worry

    AF is Aunty Flow! Or period - there's a really substantial list somewhere i'll try and copy and paste it for you

    Here you go - Mrs LC added the below

    AF - Aunt flo (menstruation/period)

    BFN - Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test result)

    BFP - Big Fat Postive (pregnancy test result)

    CD - Cycle Day

    CM - Cervical mucus

    D&C - - Dilation & Curretage

    DH - - Dear/Darling Husband

    DPO - days past ovulation

    ER - - Egg Retreival

    ET - - Embryo Transfer

    EWCM - Egg white cervical mucus (fertile, stretchy)

    FSH - - Follicle Stimulating Hormone

    HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

    HSG - hysterosalpingogram

    ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection

    IF - infertility

    IUI - intrauterine insemination

    IVF - in-vitro fertilization

    LH - - luteinizing hormone

    M/C - miscarriage

    O - ovulation

    OPK - ovulation predictor kit

    PG/Preggo - pregnant

    PNV - - Prenatal vitamin

    POAS - - Pee On A Stick

    RE - - Reproductive Endocrinologist (Infertility Dr.)

    TTTC - trouble trying to conceive

    TTC - trying to conceive

    US or u/s - - Ultrasound

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  • oooohhhhh thank you!!! AF has had me stumped for months! - I gathered the meaning, but could not work out what it stood for for the life of me! hahahaha.... image x
  • what does BDing mean, well i guess by the context what it means but what doesw it stand for?
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    Baby dancing a.k.a making lurve lol

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    Arr brilliant - thank-you so much tattbag - that's cleared up so much for me - though need to get my head round some of them!

    BDing.....haha love it!

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