TTC- scared by the past


I'm getting married in August and my H2b and I decided to start ttc at the beginning of june- the thing is, before i was with H2b, I was in a nasty relationship, although i didnt know it at the time. We had decided to start trying for a baby and everything was fine until I got pregnant and then he announced that his dad was not happy with the idea, and gave me an ultimatum; him or the baby. I foolishly chose him, and then he left me, I'm not able to really talk to anyone about this, which is why i'm sharing it here. The good thing is that i went on to meet the most wonderful caring and supportive H2B, who i've told all this to, but the bad thing is that I cant stop longing to start a family. My H2b and I are definately ready to start a family, but I really want to start trying before June; perhaps the end of April or beginning of May. I just wanted some advice really, as i'm scared that it will take ages TC, but on the other hand I may find I wont fit in my wedding dress. Suggestions please x


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    well there's no point not trying!

    Stay positive as if you have a read through some of the posts on this forum you'll see that it's not always as easy as you think - so it may take some time and while you're feeling upbeat then there's no point in putting off your wish for a family - and if it doesn't happen straight away then at least you can have fun practising!

    As for your previous relationship, well there's always a reason for everything - and you wouldn't have such a lovely H2B now, so as far as i can see you're the winner

    Good luck xx
  • Thank you tattbag, I've done what you suggested and had a look through other posts- and you're right there's no point in NOT trying. I'm gonna wait until my year 11 students have gone on study leave, then I think I'll be much more relaxed. i'm so excited about the wedding, and I honestly haven't felt so happy in I cant remember how long, but i have this irrational part of me that can't stop thinking about starting a family- H2b really deserves a medal for putting up with me!
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