pregnancy book?

just read crazywoos post and she mentions the nhs pregnancy book from the midwife.

i didn't get one, i think because its not my first pregnancy. anyway, my last pregnancy was over 4 years ago and it's my husbands first so i'd really like the book, should i ask for one or should i just buy one?

any recomendations of ones to buy? i like the nhs ones as it is catered towards our nhs service and has useful numbers and benefit / legal advice etc.


  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    i had this book, but only with my first. when i had my second i didnt get anything! but i think shes called Dr. Miriam stoppard, her books are great! i actually used my mums mother care book from when she had me for my last pregnancy! arent all the numbers in the back of your pregnancy note booklet?
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Iansprincess if you hit my email button and send me your address, I can send you one of mine, its still the same one as when I had my son 18 months ago, so Ive got 2 now. Up to you?!

    Other good ones I found were "what to expect when you are expecting" - great for looking up all those pregnancy symptoms, and "A Child is Born" - not sure who it is by but you might be able to get it on ebay? It had great pics of baby developing etc xxxx
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