What is going on????

Hi guys

I posted on here a few months back when a close friend of mine (who I work closely with) announced she was expecting saying how much it had thrown me and how it had made me really broody. In short it totally screwed me up and I experienced feelings about being a mum and having a little one that I'd never felt before. Things calmed down a little bit on the baby front over February (when I got married to my wonderful hubbie). Since the wedding I've had good and bad days but recently things have settled and in the last week or two I had decided that I would concentrate on starting my masters degree and then reconsider in in around 12 months time - I was finally starting to feel on an even keel, very calm and considered about it all and had some direction. Today I came into work and two other colleagues have announced their pregnancy and it has completely thrown me again. I just want to sit and cry and whilst I amhappy for them it has really upset me!

What can I do? So sick of feeling so miserable!



  • oh god i feel the same- it gets even worse when they waltz in with the pram image

    I am trying to put it all into perspective at the mo, cant help but feel this irrational desire to burst into tears. It seems when i pick myself up, then another thing sends me down again xx I know how u feel x
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    It gets to us all eventually, last year it was my career and then all of a sudden it was a family.

    I was gutted last week when my period showed up as i was so sure. It doesnt help hearing about friends, family etc all getting up the duff or having a new born.

    Lots of us trying for a wee baby all feel exactly the same as u.

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    Put the MA off and try for a baby if thats what you and hubs want. Why not? You can even start the MA and start trying, if it takes a few months and then 9 months pregnancy, you'll be finished (if its FT). Im in the middle of my MA, so not the best time to be pregnant, and we need to move in the next 6 months, but at the end of the day having a baby is the most important thing and little things are not gonna stop us. We'll work it out. Em x (5+6)
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    ive left two jobs in customer service due to this, simply cos i couldnt stand seeing so many pregnant women.....i now work with 30 blokes and no women....
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    I work with kids and it is sooooooooooooooooooo frustrating! Not only do I see them every day I see lots of pregnant mummies (and have to admit I think a lot of them cant look after themselves and the kids they have got BUT they ALL seem to be pregnant) I feel so ridiculous as its like a stupid jealousy thing which is sooooooooo unlike me!
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    Thanks for your replies everyone - feels a little better to know i'm not alone in feeling this way!

    Feeling a bit more settled today and have decided to go with what i'd previously decided and to start my MA and then perhaps start trying around Christmas time. Just wish I knew why this has to be so hard! It almost feels bigger than me! Just cannot control it and it just comes from nowhere and normally just when I'm feeling back on an even keel! In the mean time I'm just steeling myself for another day in work amongst all the baby related excitement - has really made me think about how and when I make that announcement (fingers crossed) some time in the future. Although most people may be happy for you it might be simply dealing out yet another blow for someone else and it hurts!

  • Blue_dimeBlue_dime Posts: 110
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