Dating scan - am I being silly?

I as wondering if you ladies can help me. This is my first baby and I had my booking appointment last week at 10+6 weeks, everything has been fine so far so I have no real reason to worry but when they made my scan appiontment the first one available was when I will be 14+5 weeks - I just don't think I can wait that long! I cannot stop thinking about it and just want to know that everything is ok. We were really looking forard to sharing scan pic and telling everyone but now have to wait almost another month. Do you think I'm being a little silly and over-sensitive? I as looking at private scans but hubby thinks it's a little excessive and we should just be patient but I just feel so anxious! Is it normal to have your dating scan this late?


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    Congrats on the pregnancy!

    Nowadays hun, with NHS cutbacks and suchlike, 14 weeks is a normal time to have a dating scan. Where we live, they won't even refer you for one until you have a "palpable uterus" (where your womb can be felt above your pubic bone), which is sometime after 12 weeks.

    Its up to you whether you decide to pay out for a private one, thats just personal choice, there's nothing wrong in doing that.

    Try to look at it in a positive way - at nearly 15 weeks you'll be able to see so much more of baby and what they are up to!

    Hope all goes well xxxxxx
  • Thanks crazzyoo, you have confirmed what I thought in my head but it's hard to be rational and sensible when you are so hormonal and excited! x
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    No probs! I'm pregnant with baby number 4 now, its still just as exciting this time round as it was the first!

    I can remember when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter (nearly 10 years ago now!), you could have a dating scan as soon as you found out so there was none of the waiting around! xxxxx
  • Stupid NHS, i'd be irate. I didn't actually even get a dating scan with ds, I had an emergancy u/s at 10 weeks though, which was nice.

    How much is a private u/s then? OOO i'd totally look into that lol.

    Anyway, it's pretty normal for the NHS to be that slow adn crappy. At the moment i'm looking at 8 weeks for blood test results and up to 6 weeks till I can get an u/s (Not pregnancy u/s though, health related)

    I waited 8 weeks to see a bloody doctor as well.

    Still, on the bright side? at 14 weeks you'll have a picture of bubba looking a lot more recognisably human lol.

    Congrats btw!
  • I'd be frustrated too but you'll get such a good picture that the wait will be worth it!!

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  • Think a private scan is £95 purple_monkfish so not too terrible, still thinking about it but will prob try to wait as you have all pointed out I will get a better pic the longer I wait. Also, suppose I'd better develop some patience as there will be a lot more waiting before baby actually arrives! Thaks for your understanding ladies!
  • No worries! I fretted and paced the whole way through my first pregnancy lol. I'll fret and pace the whole way through any others heh. I HATE waiting!
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