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Could it be implantation bleeding? Sorry if tmi


Me and hubby aren't actively "trying" yet, we are going to start trying in May, as we want to try and get into the habit of eating healthily etc and get prepared, but I'm not on the pill and were not using any protection at the moment coz we figured we're going to be trying soon anyway so if it happens, it happens.

Anyway, my last af was 6th march, not quite sure of my cycle length, usually around 34-39 days. We bd'd on cd14 and on cd19 I started to bleed. It's about 2 weeks too early for af and wasn't like normal af. I had no cramp, sore boobs etc like I normally get with af, and its only lasted 3 days, whereas AF nornally lasts 6-7 days. It was alot lighter than af as well, but heavier than I'd imagine implantation bleeding to be. It was light bleeding for 2-3 days and now its just little specs of blood in my cm.

I guess I'm just wanting to know if it could be implantation bleeding as its only been 2 and a bit weeks since my last af and it was so different, or I don't know if it was just some sort of strange mid cycle bleeding or a strange af.

Were not even trying yet and already I'm imagining I'm preg every month!


  • lulu23985lulu23985 Posts: 106
    anyone out there :\? lol

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  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547
    hi lulu,

    I've got exactly the same problem as you. I don't know if I had an implantation bleed or AF arrived 2 weeks early. Mine was also light and lasted 3 days, normally I'm as regular a clockwork.

    The only I can suggest, because its what I'm doing, is wait until your next predicted AF due date and test then.

    I know what you mean about reading too much in to it, thats why I'm waiting to test.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • i thought i'd had a light period, but by dates that must have been an implantation bleed or a falase period as it was about 3 1/2 weeks.
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