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Does anyone want to read my TTC/Pregnancy blog???

I started it in January after I had been TTC for 7 months. It covers all through my doctor telling me I wasn't ovulating to now image


  • tiger2004tiger2004 Posts: 155
    Mrs Swirly Gem this is trully inspirational you have made such a good job of this blog and I have added it to my favourites so I can keep up with it x
  • ggooggoo Posts: 333
    Fab reading - I'm gonna keep it in favourites too.

    The final few posts are exactly like I am feeling, I got my BFP on 22 March and I am a complete and utter nervous wreck! I worry about every ache and pain and can't quite believe I am actually pregnant as I have no symptoms.

    Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy nine months for us xx
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