So Excited!!!!

My H2B and I have always known we wanted children and we get married in 3 weeks and we have decided to start trying straight away. I want to tell the world but know I shouldnt so just needed to tell someone xximageimageimageimageimage


  • xCandyxukxCandyxuk Posts: 147
    Awww congratulations hun! Hope your wedding is lovely and fingers crossed you have some good news for us soon! image xxx
    Hi Miss.S. I know exactly how you feel as me and h2b have also decided to start trying for a baby after our wedding in 3 and a bit weeks so we may well be speaking again soon! My mum keeps mentioning babies (as does the rest of the family) and it is so hard not to tell them what our plans are! I started taking folic acid about 2 weeks ago and it felt like such a huge step! How exciting! Hopefully you will get some baby news soon. x
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Ah thats great news - very exciting!

    Good luck or your wedding and have fun trying for your baby - I expect we'll see you on here at some point soon with some good news! xxxxx
  • MissSuk1MissSuk1 Posts: 76
    I started taking folic acid a while ago, wishful thinking so glad i did now. I had an operation in october and so i came off the pill then and I felt so much better and less emotional when i stopped I did not go back on it, which im now really pleased about and since i stopped taking it I have had regular cycle. I get married on 17th April so hoping for a honeymoon baby. Fingers crossed
  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547
    Good luck. We get married on the 18th April and although we've not been activly ttc - we haven't been avoiding it (if you know what I mean). We are just going to see what hapens for a few months. We haven't been able to tell anyone either, so there can be no pressure from the families and nothing difficult at work.

    We may have to start a new thread soon - April 09 brides who get pg.image

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